RDC(R&D): And So, They Rise..

*Chapter One*

I had just finished breaking up some weed, Hunter had left his weight out again and I made my hand light as bitch, but fuck that white nigga! He’s been ignoring me for three days, giving me the silent treatment, holding the dick hostage. He got the wrong one, I’ll hit up Treyven or Carlos, and get me some good dick, and them dudes are thirsty for for a drink of this water. I’ll throw the pussy at’m real quick, he better recognize my realness, men try to get at me everyday.

Who could blame them, I knew I was sexy, and I haven’t met my completion on the streets of New York yet. I had men and women falling at my feet willing to do anything for me, they fought over the privilege to pay for one of my bills, that’s how I was sitting in a loft located in the center of downtown Chelsea, without ever spending a dime. It goes unsaid, but I knew I was spoiled and I had gotten used to being catered to, and now this motherfucker thinks he’s just gonna play me? He got me fucked up. I stood up from the couch and went to the radio dock I had my iPhone-X synced to, I turned up that old school Aaliyah, and picked up the lighter that sat on the end table.

As the dearly departed songbird sang, I went to light the first blunt, sparking my torch just as a bloodcurdling scream came from the alleyway below my window, I froze in fear. Before I could be nosy and look outside, I heard Hunter come bursting through the front door, almost scaring the literal shit out of me. His hair was styled really messy, and he had a day or two of stubble growth on his face, giving him the look of a modern day James Dean. He carried himself like a rebel and dressed like one, with an attire that was strictly street and urban, even right now he was fresh as hell, matching his new Jordans. He came off as a bit of a badass, and he was, but I didn’t give a shit about that when I met’m, and cared even less now, he was a badass and I was a raging bitch.

“You bastard! You scared me dammit!” I scolded, lighting the blunt between my lips, taking a drag.

“Yo, watch your fuckin mouth, when you talking to me.” He said, trying to stay calm.

“Oh? And just what the fuck are you gon’ dew nigga?!” He hated when I called him that, he hated that word, above anything, so I knew I’d get a reaction, that’s all I wanted.. a reaction.

“Man, stop playing with me. You don’t know how ignorant you sound..” He said turning away, like he always did when I got like this.

“Don’t turn your goddamned back on me!” I screamed, throwing the lighter, and popped him right in the head, he turned back around with furious eyes.

“You gonna disrespect me like that in my own crib?!” He asked in disbelief, he really must not have known who he was dealing with, huh, he was sure about to find out.

“Motherfucker, this is MY CRIB! Purchased in MY motherfucking name! You think cause you paid a light bill or two, now you own something? Fuck outta here fuckboy!” I retort, blowing the smoke right at him, most of it flowing into his face.

“Is that my new Cotton Candy Purp? I know you ain’t dip in my work, babe?” He asked, those crystal blue eyes turning dark and stormy.

“Yeah, and it ain’t even all that, but maybe it’s cuz you blowin mines right now..” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Oh word?” He said, getting in my face this time, he looked pissed.

“Yup!” I respond, rollin’ my neck for further emphasis, I took another pull and held it in. “The shit is straight whack, just like you nigg..!”

He yanked me by my collar, pulling me close, I blew the smoke right in his face causing him to choke. I ran, hopping over the couch, grabbing my iPhone off the bookshelf, and headed down the hallway to the bedroom. He grabbed the back of my hoodie, I quickly unzipped and slid out, so he grasped for me again but missed. I made it down the hallway and swung the door closed, he used his momentum and burst through before I could hit the lock. The force knocked me back, and I hit the bed, he pounced on top of me and pinned my arms down.

“What the hell’s gotten into you?!” He yelled, his face flushed red, they almost matched his plumps lips.

“Ask yourself that question, look what I have to do to get you to even look at me, I have to scream, yell, and cry out just to get you to even speak to me! This is the first time you’ve even touched me since last week…” I replied, tears trailing from my dark eyes back towards my ears, how had I gotten to this point? I don’t even know.

He realized how hard he was grabbing my wrists and turned me loose, he didn’t get off of me thou, he brought his forehead down to rest against mine. His eyes were closed, and he just stayed there like that for a moment. I heard a siren in the distance, uncommon so deep in the city, it was like the buzzing of a bee passing by on a country porch, it was to real New Yorkers anyway. He grasped my hands, this time interlocking our fingers gently, his large hands dwarfed mine slightly.

“I have been distant, I know, Im sorry, I’ve just had allot on my mind. You remember my brother that I told you works for the government, the one they shipped overseas for some special project?” He spoke softly with that sonorous voice, slowly opening his eyes to look at me. “The bastard called me a few days ago, he didn’t sound like himself, he sounded really  scared.”

“What did he say?” I asked worriedly, men in his family didn’t scare easily.

They were all built like brick houses, Hunter actually being the smallest at six foot one. He still had me beat by a couple inches in height, with an imposing shoulder and frame.

“He sounded kinda crazy, but he was telling me to pack up and run, leave the states, get out of the city.”

“Like, go on a vacation?” I asked, not following him.

“No, like a just grab whatever I can carry and go, kinda thing. He was talking about bites and scratches, and aim for the head when I kill them.” He reply, getting up off me, and sitting on the edge of the bed.

I scooted behind him, wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his shoulders, and squeezed him tight. I knew he loved his brothers more than anything, they were all he had left, his only family. He was estranged from the youngest, who was now some hot shot navy seal, he hated Hunters lifestyle of catering to the Narco state the city had become. I think his bisexuality might have been a contributing factor to the deterioration of their relationship, yet Hunter insisted that wasn’t it, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince me or himself.

I’d only met his oldest, the one in question, one time. It was a huge 30th Birthday bash at club Elysium, Hunter rented it for the night, and it was the biggest bash of the season planned and set up by yours truly, that party put us on on the map, everyone was there.

His brother Zachari was long and lean and had dark blond hair, it was almost a little ashy. He was handsome but I remember him being extremely awkward, Hunter had explained that he had Aspergers or something like that. I didn’t pay attention much, because around then, it was all about the turn up, but I knew that’s what Hunter was worried about. His brother had an episode several years back, where he almost killed himself, but he was supposed to have gotten better. He was focused on his work, because he was some kind of genius, Hunter always liked to brag about that. But in the present moment, I knew he just wanted to get on the first plane to see his brother, the only thing stopping him was the fact he was a wanted man, been so for years, on every no fly list in the states.

“He’s strong, he probably had been out drinking, remember all that crazy talk at your birthday party? We had a riot at that, don’t you remember? It was all sweet bliss. Now come here, I can make you feel better.. I can make you feel good,” I sensually whisper in his ear, rubbing his hard chest, and kissed the back of his neck softly.

“Please Babbitt, I’m not in the mood right now..” He reply, grabbing hold of my hand that had snaked its way down to his crotch.

“Don’t call me that when you don’t fucking mean it.” I said, pushing him away as I moved away with a slight push.

“Why do I have to fuck you, for you to know I love you?” He growl in frustration, pulling me across the bed by my legs, getting in between them.

“Because that’s the only time your eyes say it, does your dick even get hard for me anymore?” I taunted angrily, He grit his teeth and poked me with his steely hardness, it was long and heavy, reminding me of what I was getting myself into.

I grinned at him and he attacked my lips with his own, forcing entry into my mouth, tasting me like he would never get another. He began to grind harder into me and grabbed a handful of my dreads, as he lifted me and hugged me close to his body. Once He grabbed hold of my ass and squeezed its ample fullness, I responded with a squeeze of my thighs, which incited another growl into my mouth. He pushed me back on the bed and ripped open my shirt.

“Motherfucker! This is Dior..!”

He fiddled with the buttons of my jeans, before getting frustrated, and flipping me over. He stood up and yanked my Jordan’s off, tossing them somewhere behind him, then he yanked down my pants with one pull. I now sat in just a pair of blue and white striped boxer briefs, they fit every curve of my rump and full package just right. That’s when he gave me that look, the one that looked like he could eat me alive and that wouldn’t be enough of me. He wet his lips and stood there a moment and just taking the site of me in, I heard three fire trucks pass by back to back, and that’s when he stripped his clothes off. He jumped on me, his heavy dick, bouncing as he pounced. I gave a yelp, as his lips attacked my nipples, he knew I hated that, as they were too sensitive. I tried to push him away, but he just held my arms over my head, and ground his dick into me harder.

“Hunter, please..” I cried out from the painful pleasure, I wanted him so badly, I was ready to beg, willing.

He growled and flipped me over, taking a bite of my left cheek, as he pulled the boxer briefs off me. I crawled up the bed, and tried to turn over, but he held me in place and just sat back. He smacked my rump lightly, as he just admired the view, jerking his dick. He gave a moan of approval before leaning down to have a taste, nibbling and kissed my sensitive skin, as he shook the flesh of my meaty rump. He spread my cheeks, and blew a light flow of cool breath on my hole, I groaned in pleasure at his teasing. I gasped when he finally dove into me with his warm wet tongue, while he groaned, as his thickness of it pierced deep to taste me. I arched my back to give him better access, and turned to look at him, he pulled back finally coming for air.

“Damn Babbitt, you taste so good..” He started to tell me, but he had already dove back in before he finished.

This was when I LOVED his little pet name for me, it was an inside joke on the dynamic and quirky aspects of our taboo relationship. As a child, he was a little pudgy, because he loved chocolate bunnies, he’d devour them all year round, not just during Easter. Once he began to get cavities his mother told him he couldn’t have another, and that’s when he went through puberty and joined all the sports programs, transforming into the Adonis that ravaged my body now. When we first got together, his friends said we fucked liked rabbits, and truthfully we did, I couldn’t get enough of him and vice versa.

That’s when I became his tasty black rabbit, his play on the chocolaty hue of my supple skin. I had a radiance to my skin and was hardly ever ashy or dry, it was as smooth and moist as it was when I was a babe, just as tasty as the forbidden vice of his youth. I was his Babbitt, and he used to never get enough of me. How could he touch me like this, ignite such a fire, only to stifle it by not kindling the flame, throwing in a log or two, once in awhile.

My phone rang but I ignored the noise, it was four in the morning, the bastard could wait. Only my ratchet ass cousin Balthazar, who we called Tzar for short, would call me at such an ungodly hour. He was a gossip, and always knew the low down in the city before anyone else, but I was not trying to hear that shit right now. It rang two more times, and I contemplated picking up, but three heavy smacks on my ass from Hunters dick, changed my mind real quick. I looked back just as he spit a long line of saliva, down to wet my hole, he rubbed it around and tried to fit his finger in. It was still too tight, so he went back to eating it. I was moaning and groaning, almost climbing the walls, but he had a firm grip on me, and there was no escape.

“Oh fuck, nigga!” I screamed, into the pillow I had grasped tight.

He gave my ass another stinging slap, as he rose up on his knees, he disappeared a moment. When I looked, he was leaning over to the dresser, he pulled out some lube and looked back at me grinning.

“What you smiling for? Where’s the fucking condom?” I said in all seriousness, I took pride in my temple.

“I was thinking we could do something a little different..” He said sheepishly.

“Something different, like you giving me some shit! Who knows what THOTs and fags you been fucking during your little mopey spell.” I glaring at him, admittedly cutting below the belt but he had to know not to do me like that again.

“Babe, stop playing. There ain’t no other for me, and we’ve been tested three times together, back to back. Hell, I’ll take one of them at home shits!” He said, stroking my thigh. “I just want to really feel you, feel all of what’s mine.”

He gave my thigh a playful slap, and crawled up the bed, coming in between my legs. His plucked every cord of lust within me, like an acoustic guitar. This is what I needed, what I wanted, something only he’s been able to give me. He pushed my legs back, till my knees hit my chest, exposing me to him for entry. I looked at him through my legs, as he looked back, the libidinous look and red flushed skin of his pale body, told me he needed this too. He let the head of his dick, sit at my hole for a moment, before he slowly pushed in.

“Mmmm…. Ow, it hurts..” I whined, he was so girthy, it was alway hell getting started.

My cries just turned him on, he growled as he pulled back, and bent down to lap my hole a few more times with his soft tongue. He spat hard, before trying again, I was determined this time to let him in. When the head broke through, we both sucked in a hard breath, him in pleasure but me in pain. A few tears escaped my eyes, and he leaned down to taste them, kissing my cheeks making his way to my lips. He didn’t push in any further, he just sat there, hard as rock, just the tip inside me.

“more…” I groaned into his mouth, and he obliged, slowly sinking in inch by inch.

When all nine hit rock bottom, he let me adjust a little bit more, it seemed to take forever getting all to fit. He kissed me gently, and stroked his hands up and down my athletic body, rubbing against my smooth creamy milk chocolate skin.

“Damn Babbitt, you always have me grip so tight..” He said, as he ground into me, trying to open me up. “That’s why this ass is mine.”

When he said that, I began to grind my hips to meet him, he took that as me saying I was ready, and I was. He pulled out the length slowly, till just head was in me, then made his way back into my guts. I held on tight, as he began to speed up, hitting that sweet spot inside me. Our moans and groan began to resound in synchrony with our love making, my body grew hot, as every thrust from him sent a pang of pleasure through me.

We had gotten deep into our session, when I heard a car crash right outside, a few seconds later there was an explosion. He hopped off of me and ran to the window, I was right behind him, a little slower because my lower body was a bit weak in the knees. We couldn’t really see good, so he told me to go dial 911 for help, while he ran down stairs to see if anyone was still alive, I turned and grabbed my iPhone phone from the bed.

“Siri call the police, we need an ambulance.”

“Sorry, all dispatchers are busy, please try your command again if you are still in an emergency.”

I hung up and tried again in vain, running out the door in my draws and Hunter’s Jordan’s, I had found scattered on the floor. I was able to snatch a robe and a pair of shorts for him, since he’d run out the door naked, dick swinging and all. Once I got down the stairs and out the lobby door, I could see the fire blazing from the crash and that all the surrounding street lights were out, but it was still bright enough, that when I looked at Hunter I could tell he was crouching over some girl.

I ran over and almost gagged when I saw the condition she was in, her arm was broken, the radius protruding through the skin. Her body was covered in lacerations from glass and she had a patch of flesh missing from her neck, blood gushed from the wound, Hunter was literally holding the life in her with his bare hands. When he saw me, his eyes showed relief.

“No don’t shut down on me, I know you’re scared, but this girl needs you right now, even though you dropped out of Med school, you still have some medical training. Please, I think we can save her!”

I dropped out because I didn’t have the gut for this, the blood made me squeamish, I had already frozen up from the anxiety. He stood up and shook me back to reality, I looked down at his blood stained hands, and turned around to vomit. He pulled the shorts on and pat my back, I rose up quickly and tore the sleeve off of the robe. I dropped to my knees and wrapped the cloth tight around her wounded neck, it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but she needed to get to a hospital fast. I looked at her broken arm, and felt the cracked and broken bones underneath the skin. I gripped firmly, snapping the bone back in place and she gave a scream, before going unconscious again. I checked her pulse, it was faint, and fading fast. My gaze quickly went to Hunter but he was just standing there, eyes wide open in shock.

“Hunter she needs to get to a hospital or She won’t last much longer! Hunter? … Hunter?!..HUNTER!?!” I screamed, trying to get his attention, that’s when I turn to see what he was staring at.

His eyes were locked on the wreak, it was a navy blue sedan, I think a Honda but I didn’t know much about cars. It was still blazing, the fierce flames licked the sky above, and a thick opaque smoke billowed from the cabin. Something was moving, no.. Not just moving, climbing out of the vehicle. It looked to be a man, he fell from the window and slowly dragged his burning body to it’s feet, giving the most ghastly moans I’d ever heard, they sent a chill that froze my spine.

“Loki, we need to move… Loki come on, we have to go..Do you hear me?!” Hunter said, calling me by my govt. name, so I knew he was serious.

He dragged me to my feet, and that’s when the girl started to move and shift, I shook Hunter free and bent to check on her but I stopped. As her eyes opened, they looked like she had cataracts, the pupil was cracked and greyed, the whites bloodshot. Swiftly, she reached for me, fast as a cat, latching hold to my foot. Hunter pulled me back in time, almost dislocating my arm in the process.

As he dragged me towards the door to our building, I could see the girl quickly pull herself to her feet, and take off running towards us. That’s when I heard the screams in the distance, the sirens, the helicopters overhead… The world had gone to shit.

We had just shut the lobby door, and hit the lock, when she slammed into the thick glass like a linebacker. She was absolutely rabid and feral, banging her head against the glass as we ran up the stairs, and entered the loft.

“What the fuck is going on?!!” I screamed at him in a full-blown panic, immediately trying both our phones, again, to reach 911, getting a busy signal every time. “That man GOT UP OUT OF BURNING WRECKAGE! AND WALKED! Then that girl.. she..”

“I KNOW, I was there!” He yelled back, as he ran back and forth from room to room, grabbing things along the way.

I thought about trying the television, but put my time to better use and decided to follow Hunter`s lead. Quickly locating a clean pair of jeans, and a shirt, I got dressed. I threw on my hoodie because I just felt cold, it was probably from the shock. I saw Hunter come from his closet, already clothed, putting a clip in his 9mm. He walked up and handed it to me, but I pushed it away, he pulled me to him by the belt loop of my jeans and stuffed it into my waist. The steel felt cold and uncomfortable, I had never been fond of guns, staying as far away as I could. Hunter had plenty experience from his line of work as the city’s premier new drug pusher, many guys had tried in vain to step to him, they weren’t here anymore to tell the tale of how that turned out. He pulled out a big gun and I asked what it was, he called it a Desert Eagle, I rolled my eyes at his pet name for the thing.

“What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go?!” I asked him, feeling so lost.

“First we get to the garage, hop on the Betty, then get the fuck out of the city.” He said.

“I can’t leave Tzar, he’s my only family, my aunt would literally roll over in her grave, and given what’s going on outside, she just might rise after! He’s just down the block… And what about Caiden? can you truly just run out on your younger brother without seeing if he’s even okay?” I asked, pleading to him with my eyes, causing him to sign.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I have a feeling this shit is what my bro was talking about, for all I know Caiden knows all about it! We don’t have time for this, we’ll talk about it on the Betty. Grab all the water bottles in the fridge and any food you can find, I’ll get our bags. Meet me in the living room in five!”

I followed his commands, running into the kitchen, I found an empty box and put it to use. I grabbed everything I could, I had gone grocery shopping two weeks ago, but we still had more than plenty. I stopped and grabbed something off the bookshelf, it was his red porcelain Bowl he liked to smoke his weed out of, I had gotten it for his birthday at an auction, supposedly Bob Marley hand smoked out of it, so I bid on it. Hunter loved it and probably wasn’t even thinking of it, but something in my gut urged me to grab it.

When Hunter called for me, I knew it was time to go, I hurried to him. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me close, almost knocking the stuff from my hands. He gave me one of the softest and most tender kisses, he had ever laid upon my lips. The single moment, felt like eternity, in just that second, but then they do say time is relative, who knew life could be so literal.

We both gave the apartment one last look, before our eyes came to each other, I think both of us had the same thoughts. Something told me, I’d never see this place again, we would never be the same people we were now, all we’d done in the past, had no effect on this new future path. One full of untold horrors and nightmares I never thought possible.

I was almost ready to start crying, when he said it was time to go, but I knew we’d taken long enough already. Who knew what fuck was going on outside, it was total mayhem when we left it. I looked up into Hunter’s eyes and they told me everything would be okay, I knew he would do anything to protect me.

“You ready, Babbitt?” He asked one last time, I nodded and followed him out the door.



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