SCS(CP): All the Kings Court, All the Kings Men

*Chapter Twelve*

I knew I had made the right choice, Calypso was sentient enough to see the bigger picture, and apparently he had been aware of my presence since the beginning of my imprisonment here at Tartarus.

He knew I’d be trouble from the start..

‘THE’ Jynx Joseph Ellison, walking onto this cursed ground be nothing but a bad Omen. I learned he had originally been housed in B Side, but got transferred when Pandora backstabbed the leader of the Mexican gang in Hades, giving Ramon an opening for control. In reality it was an assassination, as o Rei had contracted Pandora to do the killing himself, to prove loyalty and to gain acceptance into ‘O Tribunal’.

Calypso was but a casualty of the take over at first, yet he had a secret weapon, his raw unadulterated sexual ability. He wasn’t the biggest money maker for nothing, he was good at what he did. While many of the whores just cried or laid there stationary, Calypso enjoyed the sex and it showed, half the time you could even say he was fucking them, cause he liked to ride hard. I can respect a ho, that knows he’s a ho, and owns that shit.

He also knew how to fight from growing up in the streets of Rio, that’s why he was able to hold his own against the lethal and deadly Pandora. He was very forthcoming and genuine in his approach, but I wasn’t fooled, this bitch was clever, and all clever bitches are ambitious. He was just getting through telling me about his mother’s cooking from back home, so I put my hand up, interrupting him.

“What do you want?”

“O qué?” He replied, looking confused.

“It’s a simple question, what is it that you want? I know you have your eyes set on something Calypso, just think of me as a genie and you have just one wish.” I smiled at him, as he sat there thinking it over.

“E voce de verdade? do you really think you can get rid of O Rei?”

“He will fall, even if I have to fall with him.” I said with all seriousness, I got lost my thought a bit, but recovered, turning to him. “How about I offer you something.. after the King has been dealt with, I will give you O Reis harém. It is yours to run, recruit, and profit from. What do you say?” I asked holding my hand out, for him to shake on it.

“Segurar menino branco, what do I have to do in return for such a gift?”

“In return, I ask that you infiltrate the group, find out how many would be easily swayed to rebel. Do your duty as my second, and make sure funds are collected. We have to work these bitches overtime, plus I plan to raise the prices on you and several individuals in the group. To do that, I need you to train them to fake it, and teach them a few tricks, but definitely not all.” I said with a grin, he laughed and nudged my shoulder playfully.

“Do you already have an idea of which boys you’re picking?” He asked inquisitively.

“Maybe one or two, but I don’t know for sure yet. I’m open to any recommendations as well, if you have any.”

“That’s assuming I accept your proposal.”

“And you haven’t already? What other options do you realistically have?” I countered, he paused, thinking things over one last time.

“Ok, I’m in.”

We shook on it.

We entered the mess hall, and there was only about twenty mins left to eat, sorting had taken longer than I expected. I immediately broke off from Calypso, making a beeline for Ramon and the rest of the Court. I could feel the eyes of the various inmates feasting upon my exposed body but I ignored them, I had to get used to these skimpy outfits Ramon forced me to parade around in.

I reached Ramon’s table and could see that Pandora had taken the seat to his left, Obispo on the right, and everyone else was scattered about filling the rest. I could see, clear as day, that Ramon was displeased with my tardiness. He even rejected me, when I went to lay a kiss upon his cheek.

“May I ask what my grievance is this time, meu Rei?” My tone tainted with just a hint of smug indifference, I had grown tired of his childish conniptions.

“You belong to me, yet it still remains a chore to get you to join me for a simple meal. Do realize how that looks?! Minha Rainha, absent from my side for meals, especially after your initial defiance.” He turned away from me dismissively. “There are no more chairs available at my table, I’m afraid, you can find another seat elsewhere.”

“If that would please you” I said, giving a slight bow.

I grabbed the back of his chair and pulled it out some, then proceeded to throw my leg over his lap, straddling him. I leaned back and rested my elbows on the table, I sat my ass right on his dick, which began to harden almost immediately. I gave him a defiant look and he responded with a sneer. I grabbed his collar, catching him off guard for once, and pulled him close. I brought our mouths together in a crash of lustful force, I suckled his bottom lip, nibbling just a bit. I released him, leaning back in my initial position, and I looked him dead in the eye.

“I know we have our issues and it’s hard for you to take what I say truthfully, but please believe when I say, you and only you, have my undivided attention.”

At that moment, Sujo came walking up fast to the table. He was stopped from getting too close by one of the various ‘sentinels’ that protected the space in immediate proximity to Ramon.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, meu Rei, but I just passed Muh..Hrmm.. C.O Hernandez in the hall as I was leaving one of my clients. She told me to come to you straightaway, and tell you to meet her in her office, and that she’s expecting ‘that’ phone call.”

Ramon stood, picking me up with him, and turned around placing me in the seat. He kissed me hard on the mouth, and with an about face, bolted out the side doors. Obispo made me a plate from the banquet before us on the table, and I silently ate, just listening to the casual conversations going on at the table.

Eventually the bell rang, signaling our return to the housing quarters. I was escorted to my cell by Torre, Cavaleiro, and Obispo, dismissing them immediately afterward. Entering the room, I went to lay on the bed, the covering had been replaced with a lush black bed setting. I took the time alone to make some decisions on who I’d pick for my premier set, I’ve never engaged in sex trade but I assumed it was like any other business.

Market and build brand reputation, then gouge the prices to ensure exclusivity, there was no room for riff raff and petty trade, I had to make a real profit. I already had a few ideas, of who I wanted to work with.

Calypso was a give in, and he would be essential to all my plans. Athéna and Sujo could prove themselves useful, so I chose them as well. Each had their own trademark appeal and exotic beauty, their own strengths and weakness to exploit. I had also set my sights on the one called Léthi, he was one of the two that restrained me as they murdered Peace and his beloved Stryfe, I would never forget, I’d ensure neither would he. He was one of Pandora’s lackeys, so I had to make sure to keep an eye on him at all times, for his would always be on me.

That was definitely something I would use to my advantage, but unfortunately that was only four, and I would need at least five for my plan to work as smoothly as possible. I’d have to check with Calypso for ideas on who would be sufficient. 

I had been in the room for nearly an hour alone, admittedly almost falling asleep, that’s when Ramon burst into the room in a savage rage. Consumed with anger, he proceeded to flip the end table in front of the arm chair and tossed an ashtray into the full length mirror beside his dresser. He then threw said dresser to the ground with a crash, before he turned to set the fiery inferno that was his gaze upon me. He was breathing shallow and fast, his face tinted in a scarlet flush, eyes crazed.

Like a fool, I attempted to retreat further up the bed, but as soon as I moved in the slightest, he attacked, striking like a viper. His left hand latched onto my ankle, and he dragged me toward him roughly. His right hand took a steel grip on my neck, as he brought my face close to him. He was positioned between my legs, his grip not tight enough to cut off air, but he sure could snap it with a flick of the wrist.

“I’ve done everything they have asked, yet I continue to be punished for a rash childhood mistake. They lock me away into this cage for years, telling me to wait patiently, for I would be needed again.. valued even. All I had to do was conquer the prison and complete the initial mission, and after I have finally succeeded in acquiring you, they still make me wait! I’m ready to fulfill my destiny NOW!” His hand tightened a bit, becoming more uncomfortable. “It must be the curse bred into your father’s bloodline.. I’ve heard the stories, meu pai used to warn me, unfathomable financial prosperity and imminent personal ruin would follow the prodigal son of the Black Nobility.”

*The who? what the hell is he talking about?!* I thought in a panic, and I tried to voice my confusion but he only tightened his grip to cut me off.

“You think I didn’t know that you were ‘bred’ to be what you are. The only seed to have all the bloodlines run through your veins, between your cursed father and your crazed grandmother, it’s fitting you’d have the moniker ‘Jynx’. You’ve been nothing but, to anyone close to you! And I know about your ability, I can feel it, you have to have been gifted with the same condition the infamous Cassandra Skarlét suffered from. You weren’t the only one bred to possess certain gifts, meu amor, so please, don’t test my patience.. Do you have it, her gift?”

I only had a moment, what could I tell him? What exactly was there to reveal? I barely understood the nightmarish visions that plagued my sleep. Even worse, most were about this very same person, me trapped in the very same predicament I was now. Him in an uncontrollable anger, me victim to the outburst. He apparently knew more about the origins of these ‘abilities’ than I did, I knew next to nothing of the Black Nobility, those were just urban legends used to scare children.

As far as I knew, father came from a poor background adopted and raised by humble parents. Mother, daughter of the aforementioned Cassandra Skarlét, came from money and a quiet prestige. My maternal family wasn’t known for much, but the tale of how they amassed their fortune was an infamous mystery, with my 8th generation grandfather suddenly amassing an enormous fortune and acquiring his former slave owners estate, soon after. How did this all add up? I had to think fast, time was of the essence, life was on the line.

“Yes, I do, but I can’t control it and the visions have only just recently manifested. They are hard to decider and mostly appear as sporadically edited film in my dreams, making absolutely no sense. That is until what what shown actually happens, I also haven’t had any of the visions lately..” I answered wavering a little at the end, because I felt like was rambling.

My revelation only seemed to anger him, because he lift me up by my throat and slammed me back into the bed. My head hit the cushions hard and his grip tightened on my neck causing me see stars, he began to grind his crotch into mine, his hardness was stabbing into me, almost painfully. He released me and the bruising of my flesh burned, he brought his head down to my nipples and I cried from the sharp pain of his assault.

“Ramon, please stop, just wait a minute. There is more, I swear it’s of importance!” I pleaded, he had a hand down the back of the shorts I wore, he was rubbing his fingers up and down my crack. “My grandmother gave me a warning before she died. She said I wasn’t to desecrate my body with sex, for it was my temple, and housed my gift. Lust, sex, and it’s many temptations would destroy my temple, making my abilities obsolete and ineffective. That’s why I’ve refrained from sex, in honest truth, I’m still a virgin…”

That last part seemed to do it, his head shot up and he looked me in the eye, as if to the depths of my soul.

“You dare lie to me?” He asked, voice cold as ice and tense. “What about the Arab, I know you have shared his bed.”

*How the fuck did he know about that?! Shit, time for damage control* I thought frantically.

“I don’t know how you know of him but what you believe happened, did not. We got drunk and I smoked a bit of weed, we kissed and did some heavy petting but that is all! He attempted to do more and was turned down, we shared a bed that night and slept till morning. He was nothing but a leech attempting to get closer to my father and his money.” I lied, bold faced and brazen.

He watched me with that penetrating gaze once more before, I guess, deciding to believe me, in partiality at the very least. He leaned down to place the softest of kisses upon my lips, his demeanor totally antipodean to what I witness only seconds ago. He kissed softly down to my chin, following the path of my jawline on up to my left ear.

“You always seem to find a way to talk yourself out of everything don’t you, meu amor. One day you will run out of useful answers and I won’t be so nice. If your abilities prove to be as invaluable as they were tonight, I will sacrifice them and take what I so desire, i’ll make due using your other more talented gifts.” His breath hot against my ear, he ground his dick into me harder for unneeded emphasis.

“Yes, my King.. I understand.”

Lights came on signaling it was time to get up, I stayed in bed for another twenty minutes, waiting for Ramon to wake up. I dare not leave the bed, let alone the room, for fear of stoking the fires of his fury. He was a ticking time bomb and the clock was running out, he might very well kill me unintentionally during a sexcapade or worse, my death might be an act of pleasure for him.

He awoke after a while, kissed me on the lips quickly and got out of bed like last night never happened, I could play that game. For me, the stakes were still the same, but now the rules were out the window. I needed everything in order before I made my move, there was no tolerance for failure.

After morning showers and another extravagant breakfast at the table of O Rei, Ramon allowed me to leave his side to maintain Harém operations. I had a vacancy in my premiere set that needed to be filled, after speaking with Calypso, my attentions were brought to a young guy by the name of Tomas. He didn’t stand out to me much initially, but was handsome enough for me to have chosen him for my group during sorting.

For all appearances, he was by far the most masculine of the Harém members, attractive in a broody kind of way. His brick brown colored complexion was accentuated by darkly handsome features and a sturdy, strong, and athletic build. It was hard to understand why this man was part of o Reis Harém, he should have easily been able to protect himself in the ring at auction. I would come to find out he had been drugged by Léthi, who had offered him a drink from a tainted water bottle, causing him to be delirious during his last match. He was actually straight, having a girlfriend and a two year old son on the outside. He had never had a male sexual partner before he entered Mythos, since being housed, he’d been subject to countless sexual abuses and forced to be the receptive partner to scores of inmates.

He told me he had contemplated suicide but refused to give these bastards the satisfaction, plus he had a son to go home to when this was over. I promised him I’d help set him free of the King’s tyranny and to enact his revenge on Léthi when the time came. As a show of good faith between us, I decided not to market him as a ‘bottom’, but more of a Vers Top. There was a undercover niche market in here for Tops and I planned to exploit that.

I had Calypso recruit Léthi, as I wasn’t in the right place mentally to handle such a delicate proposal. I needed him, he would play a crucial part in the grand scheme of things. Sujo and Athéna were requested to meet me at the same time, I would kill two birds with one stone and squash any beef while I was at it. It was easier said than done, Sujo surprisingly took the most convincing, he was afraid to get caught up in the crossfire. O Rei would be a formidable force to go to battle with, even stealthily, the man seemed to be most cunning at the most opportune time.

I couldn’t fault him for letting the fear take hold of his heart, but I asked him what he would risk death for? He told me of his mother who had been sickly ever since he had become incarcerated. The stress, taking a toll on her health, was only exacerbated by the communications lock down that had been in effect since my arrival. I knew just what to offer him, a chance to reunite with his ailing mother and I would even send some small change to ease financial stress, about twenty thousand would do.

Athéna had been quite receptive to my proposal, borderline suspicious, he seemed almost excited about it. I asked why, he only said one word, freedom. He’d been a slave to these men as soon as he entered this damned place, but he had been a slave to the whims of sadistic men even before that. He revealed a hidden past riddled with incestuous sexual abuse from an older cousin, he was used and abused almost daily. The years of abuse at the hands of his sadistic family member came to an end, when Athéna cut off his balls and stabbed him thirteen times.

The family member didn’t die and Athéna was quickly charged and found guilty of aggravated assault and attempted murder. He only wanted to be as free as he could possibly be for the rest of his sentence, answering to no one but himself for once. He would prove the easiest to satiate, the others a bit more tricky but simple enough, everyone wanted to get rid of o Rei.

As soon as Calypso and Léthi arrived, I got down to business, I let them know of their new status as my premier set. I expected them to learn quickly and make allot of money, they would be learning a few tips and tricks from Calypso that I wanted to be put into action ASAP. I told Calypso discreetly that I wanted Léthi to get the worst of the proposals and to put that bitch into overtime, not a minutes rest for that one. The four other members were filled in individually on how I wanted to spread word of the rebellion, this had to be handled with the utmost delicacy, any slip up could get us fucked up.

I felt a spark of excitement at my plan finally set into motion, my suffering would soon come to an end, one way or another. The last element to my plans was a constant that was impossible for me to control, and that was time.

All I could do is wait for all my pieces to move into position for a checkmate.

Time had passed so quickly, it was hard to keep track, things were progressing with a seamless efficacy, but there was so much work to do making it all a blur to me. My premier set had proved to be quite the cash cow, bringing in revenues unseen before, with profits rising more than fifty percent.

Ramon was quite pleased with my performance, taking a lighter hand, if not by much, in our often rough and painful intimate moments. I didn’t mind the slight reprieve, thankful for even the smallest of blessings. I was also happy to be informed by Calypso that our underground operation had taken off, many of the oft abused Harém members desired to rid themselves of the tyrannical King as well.

The Muslims, Hassan and Muhammad, along with the two formally opposed black gangs, headed by Chi and Escro, were able to round up and control the Black Coalition. The way things were progressing, I’d soon have the numbers to enact my revenge.

It was Wednesday the thirtieth, and in two days I’d finally be reunited with Yurika. I wonder if Ramon knew or not, he had made no mention of it, or maybe he just didn’t know. It didn’t matter either way, I’d be giving signal for my plan to begin in a day or two anyways, he wouldn’t even see it coming. I was on my way to meet Ramon and his three amigos in the yard, I was warned not to be late, he would be having an impromptu meeting with the principle members of his court and attendance was mandatory.

I was just leaving from setting up a threesome involving Athéna, Sujo, and quite the big spender. It was like stealing candy from a baby, I always negotiated top dollar, I felt that thrill I used to get when I did almost the same thing for father, just a different product to hawk to the masses.

I was making my way to the corridor, that lead to the mess hall, when I crossed paths with four of the Aryan Nation sect in A Block. They were always shady looking creeps, disfigured by scars and horrific symbols on their bodies that looked like the work of a tattoo artist with Parkinson’s, though he ‘1488’ brands were clear as day on their foreheads. They didn’t have the most flattering of physiques and were older than allot of the inmates serving time here.

I was still quite aware of how dangerous they were, even if it was a fact that the White’s were somewhat of a minority within the prison populace, they held the most exclusive of connections. They had a solid relationship with the Caucasian COs, and that allowed them to get anything in or out of Mythos Peak.

They also held an alliance with the King, on often shaky terms given this particular group’s sentiments on Hispanic ethnicities, even thou they held them in higher regard than the blacks. I had never had any personal contact with any of them, this being my first time even seeing them so close. There was one with a missing eye covered by a repulsive looking scar tissue, he had a shaggy beard and long greasy hair. All of them had husky stout frames with round bellies, but his was the biggest.

“Look fellas! It’s the Black Queen himself, only a Spick would pick a gotdamn Coon for a bride hahaahaa!” He had a scratchy rough baritone, and a laugh that sounded more like a cough.

His group laughed at his offensive joke and they seemed to slowly surround me, I looked the ‘leader’ dead in the eye, defiance in my gaze.

“Does O Rei know you call him by such outside his presence? It would be a shame for him to learn such information.” I smugly smiled at him, crossing my arms across my chest.

“It would also be a shame for him to learn, that the conniving little cunt he calls a Queen is starting a rebellion behind his back.” He replied, with a conniving smirk, pulling his own trump card, and to say I was shocked beyond all hell would be an unjust understatement.

*How the fuck did this asshole find out about my plans?*

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied, testing his certainty and trust in his source.

“I’ve watched you from day one, did you think you’d ease under our radar? We take note of all you white skinned Niggers, especially the ones that come from money. Ramon may not have seen it yet, but you’ve been making quite the power moves around here, I thought he was smarter than that. Then again, those Beanos always were dumb as rocks, at least you have some superior blood running through those veins. Such a shame it’s tainted by the blood of those uncivilized overgrown monkeys.” He spewed at me.

“Look here, you have about one more time to even think of saying another racist word to me and I’ll..!”

“You’ll what?! If I go to O Rei right now you are as good as dead, like your two little pet monkeys your ‘husband’ killed.” He countered back, before I could finish.

I felt trapped, I couldn’t deny he had caught me red handed, in the worst possible way. This racist pig had me by the balls, and he knew it, Ramon would tear my head from my shoulders with his bare hands if he learned of my treachery. What could I do?

“What do you want from me?” I asked, finally admitting defeat to him.

“We heard around the grapevine, O Rei hasn’t had a taste of that prime light almost white pussy you got, it’s even been rumored you might be virgin to spreading them legs to a man. It’s only fitting you should give it up to real men first! We’re your father’s people, you come from our seed so you’ll sure have fun swallowing it, you fucking faggot.” They started closing in, I had to think fast.

“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll let you four have me, and my cherry, you just have to give me some time. Ramon is waiting for me right now, so I have to get to the yard, please, sir.” I pleaded, tearing up and licking my lips nervously for effect.

*These niggas thought this was a game, so i’ll show them how it’s played.* I thought wryly.

“No, you fucking puck bitch. We want some of that pussy now! Fuck that Spick!” One of the other guys chimed in angrily.

“Please, can we at least wait till after yard time? We can do it before dinner, I swear man.”

“Okay, but you better not fucking play with us or we’ll kill you our damn selves you deceptive cunt.” The leader said, low and menacingly.

He moved out of my way, letting me go free, and I didn’t fail to make haste. I ran, fast as I could, not stopping until I got to the yard. I could see that they had just started to gather, so after catching my breath, I slipped through the crowd to make my way to Ramon’s side. 

The small group was huddled close together, consisting of Torre, Cavaleiro, Obispo, and Pandora. Ramon stood there silent watching me closely as I slowly approached, I greeted him with a quick kiss and he grinned, pleased I had made it on time. Immediately afterward, any trace of that smile had vanished, it was clear, something was wrong.

What an unfortunate turn of events…


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