SCS(CP): The Fall of the King

*Chapter Thirteen*

Ramon looked at all of us in silence for a moment, I’m sure each and everyone of us had the same thought.

*Please don’t let this shit be about me*

“I’ve noticed lately that our intake has steadily been dropping, HOW THE FUCK is that POSSIBLE?! Jynx has been making record profits and I can’t blame you Cavaleiro because auction isn’t for a few days, but as for the rest of you. I demand an explanation.. explicar essa bagunca?” He asked, looking to Obispo first.

“The Black’s haven’t been buying drugs from us and those that have debts are paying them off somehow, it’s entirely out of my control my King..” Obispo tried to explain, only to be choked up by Ramon.

He had Obispo by the throat, holding him off the ground a bit, his strength appearing somewhat inhuman. Obispo was the same size and of equal mass, yet he could be thrown like a ragdoll if Ramon chose to do so. He told him to get control of it before he found someone who could, he turn eyes to Torre and Pandora next. They expressed similar stories of Black’s refusing their business, this only enraged Ramon further, it was also bringing unnecessary attention to them.

It was their only offense against him, so I couldn’t fault them for that, I just hoped this wouldn’t escalate too soon. I already had enough on my plate as it was, I remained silent the whole time, not want to experience any of his irascible tendencies. I saw Calypso standing off to the side, by the left side fence with Athéna and Sujo, they seemed to be becoming quite the trio, Calypso’s strong personality made him the obvious alpha but they seemed to click well anyway.

After Ramon was finished, he let me leave his side to go handle some business, I headed straight for the small group. I filled them in on what I needed them to do, there was some initial hesitance from Sujo and Athéna, but Calypso nipped it in the butt before I had to say anything, they were all in.

I had been having weird dreams again, nothing like the nightmares I initially suffered, just more of the disorienting sensory deprivation and overload intervals. Like some changes and adjustments were being made in my brain during REM state, colors and blurred lines so disorienting, they often left me exhausted. I only had one ‘vision’ and it wasn’t very long or clear, even so, I didn’t take any chances and took necessary precautions.

I had a moment in the our cell alone, rearranging a few items here and there, and taking one with me from my bag. I went to an area of the cellblock I didn’t even know existed, it lead to a basement of sorts, I had followed all of the Aryan leader’s directions, so this had to be right. I went down the steps and entered the unlocked door at the bottom, where they were there waiting, two of them were bare chested, and it was a disgusting sight to behold.

There was a huge difference between having a shapely healthy well fed heaviness to your frame and then there was borderline grotesque morbid obesity, these guys just did not have any appeal whatsoever. They laughed greedily and threw lewd slurs at me, trying to degrade and debase me to a breaking point.

It confused me how they could lust for my body, yet despise everything about me. They hated my Black genes any perceptible trace of negro heritage within me, yet they looked upon my shapely buttocks and full lush lips with a lustful eye. They hated that I had black ancestry, yet I could stand before them disguised in near white skin, appearing as an exotically enhanced version of one of their own. An affront to all they stood for, yet the epitome of what they desired within their own people.

“Get on your knees before your master, you fucking piece of shit punk. Wrap those juicy ol’ Coon lips around my cock. It’s not gonna wait all day for ya!” The leader commanded in that grisly baritone, standing in front of me with his exposed hairy barrel chest and bulging stomach.

“Can you all at least just line up side by side so I can do this easier? I’m going to go down the line one by one.”

They reluctantly complied, lined up and dropped trow, I crawled on my knees up to the leader and reached up to jerk his hard dick. I fought the urge to throw up and looked up into his eyes as I brought my mouth closer. I spit on it to add some extra wetness and as soon as I saw him put his head back in pleasure, I moved swiftly. Taking the sharp instrument I had kept from Pandora, and swiftly cut off his testicles.

He gave a shriek of surprise and pain, blood splattering everywhere. As soon as they heard the signal, Calypso, Tomas, and Athéna attacked. They easily slit the throats of the other three men, leaving the leader to me. He was crying as he looked at me in horror, holding his decapitated genitals in his bloody hands.

“Things didn’t have to happen this way, but it was the path you chose, not me.” I knelt down to be able to look him in the face, as he blubbered and cried like baby upon the floor. “A few things are going to happen now, first, you’re going to drag your pathetic racist ass to the Med Bay and hope they can sew your micro nutsac back to that two inch dick of yours. If anyone comes questioning you, whether O Rei or administration, I want you to say it was a mutiny and you were protecting yourself from your three dead friends. I want things to go on as normal when you return to cellblock.

I started to walk away, the Harém assassins following behind me wiping clean their bloodied blades, when I reached the door I turn to look back at the broken blubbering shell of a man.

“Also, be prepared for the new King in town, it’s going to be a pleasure doing business with you brother.”

It was Dinner time, and mostly everyone was in the mess hall, things were calm at the moment, everyone either eating or conversing, adding to the white noise that filled the cafeteria. I, of course, was at O Reis table, the people in attendance were maybe the loudest ones in our area.

I stayed quiet, only speaking when spoken to, silently observing with a keen eye and ear. I saw Sujo, entering from the side door, probably just leaving one his clients. Only he and Calypso were able to pull COs, Calypso even had a whole TAC unit on call, and personnel were often the best customers. I leaned into Ramons ear, asking permission to be excused, he gave me a look but relented anyway. I caught eye with Sujo and made like I was going in the direction of the bathroom, he followed me discreetly. Once I found a secluded spot, I waited and he arrived shortly after.

“How did everything go?” I asked.

“All according to plan, I informed Léthi of ‘some information’ I’d seen on CO Maldonado’s desk, about your upcoming meeting with your lawyer and an appeal filing. Of course, I told him not to tell a soul, but he’s sure to run to Pandora with the news right away.” He answered smiling, it was the first time I had seen it, he definitely should do it more.

I let him know I was pleased and that he should expect a package for him at the Warden’s office, he gave a puzzled look but I didn’t give him time to ask, I had to return to mess hall. I had rewarded him with a package from his mother, filled with freshly baked home baked goods, I knew he’d be happy to have it. With the seed set, I expected to be called out and ‘exposed’ somewhere in the next six hours, when that happened, I hoped to cause enough distraction to carry out my plan.

Upon entering the mess hall, I could see Muhg at the table talking to Ramon off to the side away from everyone, he didn’t look happy, neither did she for that matter. She must finally be informing him on the fatal condition of the Aryan Nation members, Ramon yelled something at her in Portuguese and dismissed her. I met him at the table and he dragged me to his lap, he wrapped his arms tight around me and ground his hardness into my ass. I felt his breath travel up the right side of my neck, up to my ear.

“There is something amiss, meu amor. I can also feel there is something you are hiding from me.” He gave me a sharp bite to my earlobe, not hard enough to break the flesh, but he sure as hell had my attention. “What has ‘The Sight’ shown you? It’s been a couple days and I’ve watched you sleep, the energy you give off is immeasurably powerful, so don’t think of lying to me.”

“How about you tell me what these diamonds mean, and while you’re at it, explain to me how you’re able to see things too. You think I haven’t seen you do it? Hell, I’ve been victim to it several times, even now, yet you profess ‘love’.” I snapped, quickly regretting but still owning, my words.

“You test my patience at every turn, one day, you won’t get the desired reaction you’re looking for.” He replied, grabbing hold of my hair, and pulling me back into a deep ferocious kiss.

The bell signaling the end of dinner rang, everyone got up and began the migration back to cellblock. Once we got to our room, he filled in Torre, Cavaleiro, and Obispo on the status of the A Block sect of the Aryan Nation hierarchy, they all expressed their shock. Obispo gave me a quick fleeting glance, I knew he’d be surprised, as I had been keeping him on a need to know basis and there was plenty he didn’t need to know.

They mulled over hypotheses about whom was behind the murders for a long while, so I took a seat on the bed and silently listened in. All of a sudden, Pandora burst into the room followed close behind by Léthi, signaling to me it was show time.

“Didn’t we have a little talk about you finding the need to enter my room unannounced? o que é desta vez?” Ramon asked irritably, turning to Pandora.

“Lo siento, mi Rey, I just learned of something I’m sure would be of great value to you. There seem to be snakes among us, hiding and plotting, preparing to strike!” He said quickly, looking at me smugly, his smile unnerved me a bit but this was what I planned for.

“You may speak, but get to the point.” Ramon said, his demeanor becoming as ice cold as steel.

“It seems our lovely Queen hasn’t been as forthcoming as you thought and I warned you before, but you didn’t listen.” He reply, pointing directly at me.

Everyone’s eyes turned to me for a just a moment, to gage my reaction, but I gave none aside from sitting up on the edge of the bed while he continued his tangent.

“Day after tomorrow he has a meeting with his lawyer and they are filing an appeal against his case, there’s also talk of a transfer out of this facility!” Pandora said, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Is that all? I knew of these things almost a week ago, nothing will come of it. Jynx knows he isn’t going anywhere soon.” He looked at me with that unreadable expression, as he said that.

I was caught off guard, not only did he know about my meeting with Yurika, he didn’t even care about it. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t irritated beyond all hell. I noticed Pandora still had a smug look upon his face, one that showed he wasn’t finished yet, I felt a tingle run right up my spine that gave me a chill.

“Si, mi Rey, no hay mucho mas! I’m sure Muhg has already let you know about the condition of the Aryans, correct?” At that point he had all of our undivided attention, the fear was real within me. “I was informed a little while ago by Léthi, that he followed Jynx earlier and he witnessed him heading down towards the bunker. He had disguised accomplices that discreetly lay in wait, hiding in the darkness. Jynx then gave all those fat gringos pleasure with his slutty treacherous mouth before he cut off Krogan’s dick, while his accomplices slit the throats of the other three. It seems our beloved Queen is not so content with his lot in life and has been planning a coup, asserting his power of his own accord. That’s why I came to you right away, su Azealta!”

In a flash, before I had time to react, Ramon’s hands were around my neck, his eyes were crazed and the whites stained an angry red. He lifted me up by my throat, into the air, I panicked as my feet barely touch the floor. I was in for it now and I didn’t know what to do, Pandora had finally to got me. I could see him behind Ramon, with that lewd grin, the other four looked like they didn’t know what to do.

“Pandora, you and Léthi go check around for any leads on who he was partnered with, he’s too weak to do this by himself.” Ramon said, never taking his eyes off me, like his gaze was burrowing deep within my soul for answers and details of whatever I had planned.

At that moment, I saw Calypso walk through the curtain, only to stop dead in his tracks. No one had heard him, as all their attention was on me, he saw the panic in my eyes and turned to flee. As soon as he was gone Cavaleiro looked behind him, it was too close, I could only hope Calypso knew the message I was trying to convey with my eyes. The revolution had begun, but would it come in time?

Pandora and Léthi turned to leave us, giggling like school girls on the way out. Ramon threw me on the bed, the force making me bounce wildly. He just looked at me for a bit, those unreadable coal black eyes camouflaging a maniacal mind. He could very well kill me in the next few moments, I could almost expect it. All the visions had lead to this moment, I had reached the end of the line.

“I should have expected nothing less than this from you, you thirst for power and feed from it! You can give yourself any excuse for why you were planning this, but we both know it’s about the control. Then, you act as a whore, giving yourself to those …” He closed his eyes and shook off what image he had in his head.

“Ramon, I swear, I didn’t.. ahh!” I tried to protest, but his hands latched to my throat again, shutting me up.

“No more lies!!” He roared into my face, and I attempt as hard as I could to loosen his grip on my neck. “Since you would lessen yourself to the status of a whore, I shall grant your wish and treat you as one. I will share you with my brethren, give them a taste of the spoils.”

He threw me back to the bed once more, as I desperately gasped for air, lightheaded and disoriented from my head bouncing uncontrollably during impact. I jumped up, a feeble attempt to run, only to receive a fist to the face as a reward. I had blacked out momentarily, but I could feel movement on the bed. I was suddenly flipped over onto my stomach, and someone ripped the skimpy shorts Ramon forced me to parade around in, down to expose my ass. 

I cried in shame, as I felt the wet and forceful tongue from someone’s mouth. They chewed at the flesh of my rump and ate my ass greedily, alternating stinging slaps reddened my cheeks. I had finally gotten my bearings back and went to escape again, I could see the one behind me had been Torre, I went to push him off me and he slapped me across the face, busting my lip. During the tussle the collar was ripped from my throat and it slid across the floor somewhere.

Ramon grabbed him by the back of the neck and turned him around, giving him a slap twice as hard as Torre gave me. Going off on him in Portuguese, something about me being his property, and to watch how he treated it, he also berated him for the collar of diamonds, now ruined. Ramon then turned to Obispo, he gave a simple gesture towards me on the bed. Obispo and I connected eyes, this was the time for him to show his true self. Was he born to be a King or meant to settle for second best? Could he summon enough within himself to defy O Rei?

“What takes you so long brother? Do you not desire Minha Rainha?” Ramon asked, noticing Obispo’s hesitation, his demeanor changed entirely. “Or is it something else? Maybe it was you who conspired with him to betray me.” His eyes glazed over darkly, I could tell he was searching him.

“No, meu Rei, I swear on my daughter’s life, I did no such thing!” He said, backing down, casting a pathetic look in my direction. “I.. I just never had the pleasure of partaking in the delicacies of virgin before, that’s all, nem mesmo a minha esposa.”

“Well, nao se preocupe, this is my gift to you for your loyalty.” Ramon said, as he gestured towards me once more.

I knew it, I knew he would buckle if pressured head on, I followed my intuition and had kept him at arm’s length for a reason. Thinking back now, I knew even back then it would come to this. Obispo would never be nothing more than a beta to men that were made to be alpha. I felt a certain sadness, because I knew what I would have to do next.

I reached into the pocket of the torn shorts, the shank had been stabbing me this whole time through the inside lining. I grasp hold of it, like a lifeline, as he disrobed his magnificent body and crawled on the bed towards me. He grabbed my leg during his approach and met me halfway across the expansive bed. He leaned over me, the look in his eye was one of regret, and I believed he truly did. I don’t know if lust was his weakness or if his faith in my plan was lacking, either way, it was clear which side he chose to align with.

I returned his same look of regret as I swiftly jabbed the shank into his neck and twisted, tearing the flesh in a way that he barely made a peep. I ripped it back out and blood splattered all over me, I quickly pushed his convulsing hulking form off me and retreated back towards the head of the bed. I began to reach around under the plush pillows, frantic, until I found what I had been searching for, it was the MASE I’d hidden. I turned around to find myself cornered on all three sides with my back to a wall, my heart was beating hard in my chest, the adrenaline coursing through my veins set my nerves afire.

The first to reach for me was Cavaleiro, on the right side, he made a grab for my leg but missed, I hit him with a shot of the MASE right in the eyes, he screamed. I gave him A kick to the face and I scurried across the bed to the left side before Ramon could get to me. When I got close to Torre, he got a good grip on my foot, forcing me to fall. He dragged me toward him forcefully, when I got close enough he went to smash my face with his fist, but I used the last of the MASE on him. He knocked the can from my hand and it barely fazed him, I used the few seconds I had to prepare myself, as he went to strike again. His fist connected with my cheekbone, at the same time I attacked with the shank, lodging it in his left eye. He gave a roar and fell back grasping at his face and the rusty metal, I wasted no time, ignoring the intense pain in my swelling face.

I climbed back on the bed to evade Ramon once more, he had almost caught me, but this time I had to crawl over Obispo’s lifeless body and the wet pool of blood that had soaked the mattress. When I reached the other side, I gave Cavaliero another kick to the face to buy more time, when suddenly, a shrieking alarm sounded. So loud that Ramon and I, both, had to cover our ears.

The rebellion was here, the fall of the King had begun..



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