SCS(CP): The Cost of the Crown

– The Finale –

*Chapter Sixteen*

The next forty eight hours were a blur to me, at some point some guys from administration had come in to get a statement, only to receive nothing but silence.

After maybe an hour or so, Dr Jhedav had finally gotten them to stop questioning me, she advised that I was clearly in a state of shock as I hadn’t eaten, spoken, or moved around in my bed at all the whole day.

I was still questioned repeatedly by the two men, over and over, and they still got no response, as I had none to give.

I lay there in the bed, now handcuffed, the orderlies claiming I might be a ‘danger’ to myself otherwise. Truthfully, I was too selfish and vain to do such a senseless deed, look at all I had done to live, all I had sacrificed.

I found the open window on the other side of the room to be my only comfort, and I caught a glimpse of a small bird flying by, singing a sweet tune before flying away so freely.

To be free like that bird.. free..

Freedom came in many packages, Muhammed was free now, Peace was free, they were all free in the embrace of death. All the great loves of my life were free from all this heartache and misery that came with the gift of life. I couldn’t help but to believe the talk of a curse afflicting those around me, those that cared for me.

Death, destruction, and despair were common themes that plagued my life, personified most, by that damn demon incarnate Ramon. It was if I’d never escape him, he seemed perfectly capable of reaching me wherever I was, even here. I wish the gun hadn’t malfunctioned and a bullet went straight into his skull, if it had, Muhammed would be alive. I’d probably be safe, I know I wouldn’t be free, but I’d be free of that monster, and I might finally learn what real love felt like. 

That man might have loved me, and he died because of that love. To protect others and to protect myself, it is best I have no more room left within me for love. Love was weakness, love was a bare Achilles heal, and I had no need for vulnerabilities my enemies could exploit.

If Ramon taught me anything, it was that we all had a weakness, he took advantage of mine, and I, his. That man brought the worst out of me, or maybe he just brought out the REAL me.. I couldn’t deny I felt stronger when I accepted the seductive darkness, the carnivorous rage, and the devastating carnage I could cause at whim.

I shivered and shook, moving for the first time in hours, my joints and muscles were stiff. Clearing my throat, I called for the Doctor and after a few moments she arrived. I went to speak but she shushed me with a finger to my lips and began to check my vitals, when she was satisfied she gave me a nod to continue with what I wanted to say.

“I want to see my father, I know he’s close.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Ellison, I don’t know what you’re talking about?” She gave me a bewildered look. “I can get a guard, he can contact the Warden..”

“You must mistake me for a fool, Karishma. You think I don’t recognize one of the most decorated and talented physicians India has to offer? You were in the same news cycle I was during my trial, you saved a hundred or so orphans in your country that were stricken with some sort of super flu, only for them to find out you had a hand in the virus escaping anyway, am I correct?” I gave a her a look that dared her to lie, she paused a moment before answering.

“You are correct.” She answered truthfully.

“What is he paying you? I bet he promised to fund your next charity case to have you held up in this dump just to keep little ol me alive, after that snafu, you probably couldn’t even find another job in your own hemisphere. Hahah, tell that bastard I want to speak to him immediately, you probably have the number to a direct line..”

“Fine, let me go make a call.” She said, caught in her lie, and getting a bit snooty.

“And get Cerberus in here to get these damn cuffs off me!” I yelled after her, rubbing my sore wrist.

She left the room, slamming the door behind her, I guess she was mad now, oh well. I could respect her motivation though, who was I to judge someone willing to do anything for a good cause they believed in, even if it meant starting the problem in the first place, it was how things were done.. without the problem, there would be no need for solution.

Cerberus entered after a bit, key in hand for the cuffs, giving me a quick hug of support and one of his toothy smiles. Looking around nervously, I was glad we were alone, I had to talk to him about showing me affection, especially with my father’s eyes all over the place. I couldn’t deny that it felt good, the warmth of his body, the way he put his all into the embrace, the tell that someone really cared. He gave a warm smile and I returned it, it was because of him I was even alive at moment, he’d taken care of me from the beginning.

“Thank you, I truly mean it, for.. just, for everything.” I told him in a low voice, paranoid of the space around me.

“Don’t mention it.” He replied smiling, but his eyes looked up at the light and smoked detector, signaling he knew the room might be bugged.

“I need to see the Warden, can you take me to him?” I asked.

“Let me get a wheelchair, you’re not well enough to walk such a distance yet. You got banged up pretty bad, but feel grateful, you are the only ‘wounded’ that survived. That’s not for lack of effort by the Doctor either. She did everything she could for every man she treated, here she comes now.” He said, I guess he had heard her footsteps approaching. She entered and eyed me and the Samoan suspiciously before speaking.

“Your father is on his way, he should be arriving to the facility in the next hour or so.”

“Good, I’ll need a wheelchair for my escort to take me to the Warden.”

“You’re not in any shape to leave your bed, let alone the hospital ward, your father will cancel my funding if anything happens to you!” She told me, starting to panic, I could see it in her shifty eyes.

“I’ll fund your research, and double the figure my father is low balling you with. Now please calm down and get the damn chair.” I said with as much patience as I could muster, trying to ignore Cerberus stifling a laugh at my crabby attitude.

She left and returned quickly, checking my vitals over once more, before assisting in placing me in the wheelchair. She gave me another one of the pain pills to help me get by, then watched as Cerberus rolled me out of there. The trip seemed to take forever, but along the way Cerberus filled me in on what happened to the cellblock. He told me that the TAC units had failed to calm the riot and have no choice to let the inmates settle on a new leadership before anyone else would be sent in.

They ushered in food and supplies by dropping off crates three times a day, but they don’t know if everything is divided up equally, odds are they aren’t. Almost daily, the inmates drop out dead bodies, not wanting them to rot inside. No one had been successful in reaching any of them for negotiation. I wondered about the health status of Calypso and Tomas, It was safe to assume Cavaleiro still lived since Chi had died in the medical ward. Escro, I knew was a fighter, he’d be ok, and I could only hope that Hassan, didn’t blame me for his brother’s death but I could in no way fault him if he did.

He also mentioned that CO O’Conner had luck with cellblock B, the ward the inmates preferred to call Purgatory. Four newly crowned kingpins had taken over, but the peace treaty between the four factions was tepid at best, according to the Intel they were getting.

When we finally reached the Administration building, we took the short ride to the top, to reach the Warden’s office. Saundra Dee, the secretary gasped when she saw me and ran over to help tame my hair as best she could, fawning over my injuries like a mother or auntie would. She had brewed some fresh green tea, a change from her badly reviewed coffee, but the pleasant surprise was her tea was brewed to perfection. We continued on into the Warden’s office, to find him on the phone, he put a finger to his lips signaling silence as he wrapped up the call.

“Sir, I can only do what’s best with the funding I receive, the prison has been in the red for six years, what am I to do about that when it comes to pay the bills?” He asked the person on the phone, listening intently but a scowling face betrayed his displeasure in what he was hearing.

“We have Mr. Carlo safe and secure, don’t you worry about that, I know the deal we made! You can also tell them, the Van Duyn boy is ‘prospering’, as well as intended to his new climate, I’d even say he’s thriving..” He stopped to listen for a moment. “I wasn’t aware I’d be receiving a visit from Mr. Ellison, may I end this conversation to prepare for his arrival?” He turned to me, eyeing my condition and wounds, he quickly hung up once he received the affirmative.

“Well, aren’t you a beauty.” He muttered sarcastically, I let him have that one because, right now, I looked like hell froze over.

“Have a seat Phillip, we don’t have much time for pleasantries and flattery.”

“Yes, I know, I’ve heard your father is on his way, and we both know he won’t be pleased with the situation we have here. I failed to keep my end of the deal by ensuring you stay out of trouble like this, what am I to tell him?” He asked, clearly at wits end, judging by the way he rubbed at his temples.

“That’s none of my concern, but do find solace in the fact, he knew you couldn’t handle me to begin with.” I replied indifferently, with a dismissive wave of my hand.

“Do you have any idea of the irreparable damage you’ve caused to this facility? We’ve barely recovered cellblock B, and at present, any truce between those maniacs is hanging on by a thread. Can you believe starting out I actually had a surplus for the year?! All that was depleted by the recovery process for that problem, now I have the same problem all over again. What exactly were you thinking when you concocted this little party of yours?”

“I did what needed to be done, that simple. You don’t have to like the decisions I’ve made, hell I don’t, but you will accept them. I refuse to succumb to the will of a monster, no matter how many powerful men stand behind him.” I answered truthfully, without a hint of hesitation.

“These people you are facing are like gods among men, they have an almost infinite amount of resources at their disposal. They’ll stop at nothing to get everything they want..” He spoke of them with a healthy fear, I just didn’t have.

“And neither will I.” I replied sternly, thought I could hardly speak as to what I truly face. “I’m requesting to be moved from the hospital ward as soon as Dr. Jhedav sees fit, I’m sure now you have no choice but to house me in AdSeg seeing as there is no other suitable housing.”

“Yes, that’s true, but only temporarily. The decree from the judge, also signed by the governor, states you must be placed within a general populous setting. Since that is a prerequisite of your rehabilitation and now that Cellblock B is under control, I’ll eventually have to place you there, I’m sorry. It’s totally out of my hands, I’ve already written a recommendation letter for Ms. Ymoja, but it was rejected immediately.”

I sat there silent, thinking to myself a moment, when his phone rang. It seems my father had just arrived by helicopter and is making his way into the building. I asked the Warden if I could have the courtesy of privacy with the man, specifically in his office. He obliged, and stood up to to exit the room, I yelled after him to tell Sandra to make me some more of that lovely tea. I stood on brittle knees, and made my way into the Warden’s chair, facing the door. Saundra entered after a moment with some more tea, I thanked her, giving the warmest smile I could muster with my busted and bruised lips. She returned it, and patted my shoulder, before she left.

I brought the cup to my lips and blew gently to cool it down, and a few minutes past before I heard the door open and close suddenly. I didn’t even need look up to know it was him, so I didn’t, I just sat back and sipped the tea. I could see his shoes, it appeared to be some sort of brick brown suede to the untrained eye, but more than likely it was the hide if some exotic endangered species. He was in a charcoal Bespoke suit, finely tailored, looked Italian but he hated Italian. When he took the seat across from me I finally met his eyes, the same jade and gold as my own, yet so alien from the ones I thought I knew.

“What are we?” I asked of him, to which he arched a curious brow.

“You spend a month in here and have already lost your manners and good upbringing? Not even a hello to your own father.” He smiled wickedly, his lips framed in a neatly trimmed goatee.

“Answer the question, what are we?.. are you still my father? Am I not your son?”

“You will ALWAYS be my son, whether you like it or not my blood runs through you, the blood of kings and queens, of emperors, and dictators.. even presidents have come from our bloodline.”

“Ok, for my second question, again, what THE FUCK are we?!”

“You watch your peasant tongue, boy! God knows, you must have inherited it from your mother.” He yelled angrily, shaking his head in disgust, wiping his most as if he’d spoken the words himself.

“Why do we have these abilities, are we even human?” I asked, ignoring his offense.

“Of course we’re human, hahaha. More human than any of these filthy blooded sapiens out there in the world, we have the blood of the Merovingian within us.” He replied pridefully and bold, as he lean back in his chair.

“The Merovingian? You speak of urban legend and fairy tale.” I said, sitting up up a bit to be eye to eye with him. “And the way you describe it, so fantastically, it seems your blood is nothing but common.”

His lip curled into a snarl at the insult, but I cut him off before he could retort.

“What do THEY want with me? Is it because of the Black Nobility?” He just sat there seething at the audacity of my prior words. “What has been ‘bred’ into me? From what I hear, you bastards made me like some sick science experiment?! Is that why the Carlo boy is insane? Was he conceived the same way?.. answer me dammit!!” I yelled, throwing the half empty cup of tea at him, it missed, and the porcelain cup shattered as it smashed into the wall.

A guard popped his head in the door, but my father sent him back out.

“So your powers have been manifesting? We weren’t sure if it would work, your mother hadn’t exhibited any gifts, but your grandmother, now SHE was from prime stock and breeding. The most powerful with the gift of Sight, that the centuries had ever seen, that is until now.” He sat back in his seat and smiled, as if reminiscing of the day he crafted his awful plans. “A child of the two bloodlines, merged together, was supposed to create one to surpass even her, even she had seen it. The fact your abilities have even manifested at such a young age, shows the strength of the gifts you possess. Your Grandmother didn’t start having the visions till she was about thirty five, it seems this new generations abilities mature faster. I’m sure you’ve notice the cellular regeneration?”

“No, I can’t say I have.”

“Well from what I hear from the Doctor, you’re lucky to not be laying in a vegetative state, with the way you came to her, and from what is said that is only the tip of the iceberg with what you can do! That is why we must control you.. Your destiny must never be fulfilled, yet your gifts are too valuable and extraordinary to give up, an absolute conundrum of the worst kind but I’m willing to deal with accordingly” He explained, as passionate as he was before, and It all made sense to me now, why I was here.

“You’re all afraid of me, that’s why you’ve locked me away.. It wasn’t because of the Syrian fiasco, that was just their excuse and you let them do this me, your son! You let them lock me away in this piece of shit hell hole!” Sitting up and raising my voice, I wanted to make sure He understood the seriousness of my words. “You Left me to the mercy of a lunatic and his pets, then you bastards expect some form of cooperation and obedience from me? Get the fuck outta here!” I exclaimed, deliberately trying to provoke him, he didn’t take the bait but decided to cast some of his own.

“Calm yourself, boy. I came here today to extend you a lifeline, an offer I won’t place on the table again.” He leaned forward, resting his elbow on the table. “I can get you out of here tomorrow morning with a full pardon from the POTUS himself, if you just sign on the dotted line, giving me full conservatorship of your estate and holdings. We will place you at an undisclosed location, that I assure will be quite comfortable, and that’s where your training would begin.”

“Training? What kind of training?”

“We have ways of reprogramming rouge vessels, such as yourself, to ensure no future complications. I will become your handler, and you will wed the Carlo boy, whatever his name is.” He gave a dismissive way of his hand, like Ramon was some minor detail in his planning. “I seek to merge the two families, and once conjoined, that will enable me to have the status to gain placement in the Council, as the new number four.”

“Council? What are you talking about, who are they?” He had me totally lost, but I was trying to keep up with him.

“Wait, what? Your grandmother was supposed to to tell you these things, that was our agreement, ugh!” He sighed dramatically, his patience always short when it came to the woman. “That dead old bat never could do anything right, ever since you were born, your powers of influence so strong even at birth. A shame, such a waste of good breeding, she could have been a member herself but she couldn’t get with it or see the bigger picture. The Council of Thirteen could have used a master with her gifts.”

“Why can’t I join the council? I can prove myself worthy..”

“NO! That isn’t your destiny.” He said, harshly cutting me off.

“Fuck my goddamn destiny!” I yelled, knowing now there was no winning with him playing by his rules, so it was time to make my own. “I can create my own future, you forget dear father, I have resources of my OWN at my disposal.”

“I’ve had enough of your mouth, boy!” He shouted back, pointing his finger in my face, I gave it a nick with my teeth and he pulled his hand back, looking at me shocked.

“Treat a bitch bad, she’s bound to bite the hand that feeds her. You locked me away in a cage with these animals, and the beast came out of me, what do you expect?” I sat back in the Warden’s chair, my eyes never leaving the man. “And you’re right, you are never going to give me that offer again, because YOU didn’t raise a motherfucking fool. I own something of yours, don’t I? something you placed in my name. You think I didn’t know you’ve been doing it for years? It’s definitely not my thirty two percentile stake in Oracle Co, it’s something else.. I’ll find it, and you’ll never get it, none of you bastards will. Now get the fuck out, if this is the last time I see your face, there is truly a God among us.”

“Do not start something, you are not ready to finish.” He warned, his tone tense.

“We’re finished here.” I spun the chair around to face the window, turning my back to the bastard. “Enjoy the good life while it lasts, father.”

I awoke the next morning, feeling refreshed and vibrant, even my shoulder felt better. I couldn’t help but to think of what the man had said about cellular regeneration, but quickly cast such thoughts aside. I didn’t feel all THAT good as I stood to my feet and made my way over to the bathroom, still feeling a bit sore, but exponentially better than the days before.

Allot had happened in a month, today being the first of February, I thought of all I’d lost in such a short time, with very little gains. I vowed to learn from the pitfalls and mistakes, taking every scar and wound, both mentally and physically, to heart. I relieved myself and then went over to the shower, setting the water as hot as I could stand. After disrobing and stepping into the spray, I let the soothing hot water melt my aches and pains away. I washed my hair and made use of the comb they supplied, taming my mane of curls, into something more presentable than it’s looked as of late.

When I got out, I dried myself and went to stand before the mirror to survey the damage. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, the swelling and bruising had already healed a bit, yet my lip was still split, and some other cuts still looked fresh. I’d heal, in time, returning to my former glory like a Phoenix from the ashes so I didn’t fret.

Yurika was to arrive in an hour, so I dressed myself and let the nurse know I was ready for breakfast. After I ate, I took a thirty minute nap, while I waited for her. When she did, she dropped her bag, running over to me. She shook me awake and hugged me all over, she kissed my forehead and cried, as she stroked my hair.

“OH MY GOD! What did those bastards do to you?” She exclaimed, as her tears soak through my shirt, and her language surprise me.

“Excuse me? Hahaha.. I see much has changed.” I jest, holding my ribs a bit as I let out a chuckle.

“Oh forgive me Jynx, I’m sorry, I just wasn’t prepared to see you like this. Thank god Ti’Hatcha didn’t come like he planned, or he’d have gotten himself locked up right alongside you. I have to get you out of here, before they kill you.. I swear I’m trying my hardest, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through.” She said, as she dabbed a napkin to her cheeks gently, as to not ruin her makeup any further than she already had.

“I know.. that’s why you and Ti’Hatcha, are among the few people I trust. Yuri, I trust you with my life, you are like a sister to me.” I told her, grabbing her hands, giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Just wait till you see everything I’ve found!” She exclaimed excitedly, as she ran to retrieve her bag, and returned to sit on the bed next to me. “Your father has been quite the busy man, and a very bad boy. He’s not the man I remember from when we were younger, he used to be stern but still somewhat kind, and now he’s become someone else..”

“Or maybe he’s been this way all along.” I added coldly, figuring a man like that had to have been born a monster, not Mattel made.

“You don’t have any idea how close to the truth that may be. Throughout the years your father has placed several of his smaller companies in your name, as we sort of had some knowledge of that already, but what we didn’t know is that this has been common practice for him since the early nineties.” She pulled out stacks of paperwork, all showing she spoke the truth. “I have bank deposits, stocks & bonds, safety deposit boxes, small companies.. The works! He even has offshore accounts listed under you, three in Sweden and two in Germany. He set the majority of the heavy collateral in a trust, that WAS unavailable to you till the age of twenty five.” She said smiling, clearly proud of her work, and she had every right to be.

“Excellent work.” I said, returning her smile, knowing she had to have gone through hell to get evidence of all this. “And where are we on the appeals process? I don’t know how long I can stand this cage, Yuri..”

“That has been the one task, I’ve yet to make any headway in.” She said softly, I could see a look on her face, one I recognized.

She expected me to lash out at her, something I’d often done in the past, I hated bad news, but it’s all I seem to receive these days.

“That’s fine, Yuri, you’ve done more for me than I have breath to thank you for.” I replied looking over the papers in front of me.

“Rest assured I’m exploring every avenue and every path.”

“We can find a way, what are our options? Have you tried to get the governor to crack? I know he’s in on this, don’t we have anything on him?” I asked her, looking up into those warm hopeful eyes I had missed so much.

“He’s been impossible to sit down with, and he’s rejected everything I sent his way. We may have to pull a trump card.” She said hesitantly, knowing full well what that could mean.

“Which one? Please don’t say Scalia..” I replied, leaning back in the bed, rubbing the pressure point at my right temple.

“Yes, that one.”

“You know full well what that means, right? You don’t have to do this, there has to be another way.” I couldn’t have that on my conscience, I couldn’t ask her to make such a sacrifice.

“It’s the only sure way, Justice Scalia can get this pushed through right away, and we want to act fast to get this overturned!” She said adamantly, so sure of it. “Plus, you know he has been quite fond of me since he found out about me..”

Supreme Court Justice Scalia was a closet Tranny Chaser, I picked up this little bit of information, back in ’04’, when he got sent to the ER for a burst testicle brought on by an overzealous Tranzdominatrix. I’ve been hiding his secret since, but I had already used my favor since then, as well. During the start of my trial, he offered me another favor, but only if he could have an evening with Yurika one on one, I told him she wasn’t a prostitute and left it at that. I knew the plan would work, but were we willing to pay the price? I looked her In the eyes, and grabbed her hand.

“You don’t have to go through with this, I won’t be upset, you can change your mind at any time.” I said sincerely.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She replied dismissively, as she pulled her ipad out her Birkin bag.

She tapped and stroked the screen a few times, until she found what she was searching for, after enlarging a photo, she held the tablet screen up so I could see.

“Do you recognize this woman?”

It was a woman in her mid to late seventies, eyes a vibrant blue, but her gaze was cold and her presence stern. She had pristine silvery white hair and a healthy alabaster glow to her skin. She had a classic beauty, and an over polished look, she reeked of old money. I didn’t recognize her at all thou, so I looked to Yurika and shrugged.

“Her name is Belladonna Van Duyn, her family owns sixty four percent of the world’s weapons manufacturing contracts. When I looked through the paperwork we have, you own a ten percent share in her company VIOtrex.” She said, showing me the corresponding paperwork from the mass we’d accumulated on the bed.

“What’s so special about her?” I asked.

“It was on the list of names the Warden gave you, it had two other names as well. A man’s name and..”

“Wait a minute.” I interrupted, recalling the night before in Phillips office, when he had been on the phone. “There is a prisoner here by the name of Van Duyn, I heard the Warden on the phone with someone, talking about him. I don’t think he was housed with me in ‘Cellblock A’ though, so when they transfer me, seems I have to do some snooping and investigating of my own to do.”

“That could explain why she’s made large donations to the facility in the past, the last one occurred..” She searched her notes, excited at this new bit of information. “Three weeks ago!”

“Hmmm, something to think about, wait, how do you know she’s made donations to the prison?”

“I was getting to that, but you cut me off..” She said with a wicked grin, as she pulled some more papers to show me. “The other name the Warden gave me, wasn’t a person, it was the name of the company that owns the prison, it’s called ARKHAM.”

“Why does that sound familiar?”

“Because it’s your founding maternal ancestors name, that’s why!” She replied, placing a file on top of the pile already before me.

“Now I remember, Arkham was my great grandfather.. but that only inspires more questions Yuri, I don’t understand.”

“See here, it was founded in 2006, and is privately owned by a single CEO, but managed by CFO.. Take a guess.” She said smiling, holding the top sheet to her chest.

“Ummm… I don’t know, just tell me already.” I pleaded with a laugh, trying to snatch the paper without ripping it.

“It’s your goddamn father, also look who’s listed as CEO and owner.” She said pointing to a name, there was one at the top in bold letters.

It read: Jynx Joseph Ellison, CEO

“You’re fucking shitting me, that slick fucking bastard!” I exclaimed, as I kept rereading the paperwork in disbelief.

“I shit you not!” She said, laughing infectiously, and I quickly joined in.

“You know this changes everything..”

“Of course, but it only helps the situation in the interim, our end goal is to get you out of here.”

“And destroy the bastards who put me through this.” I finished, cutting her off, she looked taken aback by the dark tone I’d taken.

“Vengeance won’t solve anything Jynx, someone has to take the high road in all this.”

“Unfortunately, that person isn’t me, THEY brought on this war. Destroying the men who put me here is my destiny, even if I have to destroy the world alongside them.”

“But Jynx..” She started, but something caused her to hesitate and she appear deep in thought.

“What?” I asked sternly, to which she only sighed at my newly soured attitude.

“Where do we start?”

“First, I turn this prison into a paradise, while I wait for you to bust me the hell out of here. Second, we take over the world!” I said, giving her a conniving smile.




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