Macrocosm of the Golden Scrolls


A master blend of dark and erotic themes with phantasmic tales of drama and intrigue. Step into the world and beyond that’s been created by storyteller Golden Scribe as he weaves an emotional roller coaster of Novel’s set in the past, present, and future that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly pee your pants in the process.

Every title in the Macrocosm is twisted and intricately intertwined through time, space, and circumstance. Creating a literary universe whose characters are constantly on the brink of destruction or advancing on the edge of greatness.

Every choice.. Every action.. Every life.. Every Death.. will determine the destiny of them all.


Stories by: Golden Scribe



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  • RDC(R&D): The Forsaken Few - *Chapter Thirty-Nine* We rode our bikes as fast as possible through the next part of town, the radio station was about seven miles up into the hills, and hopefully the others had gotten there without incident. I knew I had to keep a sharper eye on my loved ones, because they could get hurt when...
  • RDC (R&D): Thy Brothers Keeper - *Chapter Thirty-Eight* Tears trailed down my cheeks as blood continued to spill from my mouth, the taste of copper and silent screams overwhelmed my palate, the searing burn of my ability was immediate. Noxious tar soon began to rise in my throat, causing vomit to spill from the ragged flesh beside my mouth. “You stay...
  • RDC(R&D): Twisted Fate -  *Chapter Thirty-Seven* A steady stream of water was splashing on my face, abruptly rousing me from my spell of unconsciousness, it was only till some of it got in my mouth that I realized it was urine, HOT urine, like it was fresh from the tap. When my captor had ceased his assault, I opened...
  • MOI(1): Just a Girl - *Chapter One*   I couldn’t say what was louder, the click clacking of my heels echoing in the emptiness of the corridor or the thumping of my racing heart reverberating in my ears, the sounds were deafening. My lungs burned as I pushed myself to go faster, I had to, I was running for my...
  • RDC (R&D): WAR. - *Chapter Thirty-Six* Why had I agreed to this shit?.. I still don’t know how the Wolf had smooth talked me into doing the unthinkable, I should have told him to pass me by with this bullshit. We were gambling, with my life as the only bargaining chip, all bets were off and it was too...
  • RDC (R&D): The Long Goodbye - *Chapter Thirty-Five* Early in the morning, my eyes shot open as I was awoken by screaming, it sounded like Granny, I moved to get up only to find the Wolf had one of his muscled arms wrapped around my waist. He moaned my name in his sleep, squeezing me tighter to him, and as much...
  • RDC(R&D): Let Go - *Chapter Thirty-Four*   Continuing down the pebble path that seem to travel so far from the house, I felt inclined to find out where it lead, and considering how old the grounds were, it shouldn’t have been surprising to me to have come upon an old graveyard. The path of pebbles lead down a hill...