Macrocosm of the Golden Scrolls


A master blend of dark and erotic themes with phantasmic tales of drama and intrigue. Step into the world and beyond that’s been created by storyteller Golden Scribe as he weaves an emotional roller coaster of Novel’s set in the past, present, and future that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly pee your pants in the process.

Every title in the Macrocosm is twisted and intricately intertwined through time, space, and circumstance. Creating a literary universe whose characters are constantly on the brink of destruction or advancing on the edge of greatness.

Every choice.. Every action.. Every life.. Every Death.. will determine the destiny of them all.


Stories by: Golden Scribe



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  • SSG(1): God on my Side - *Chapter Thirteen* I stepped through the muck and marshland, wondering why in the hell I decided to add a Hunting experience to the itinerary, It felt so cumbersome and uncomfortable to be in the ‘sportsman’ gear I had acquired for everyone taking part, which wasn’t many. Most were still recovering from last night’s events to...
  • MOI(1): Dangerous Girls - *Chapter Three* The stairs seem to go on forever, it was a dizzying downward spiral that never seem to end, I wiped the mixture of blood, sweat, and tears from my eyes, feeling exhausted as I noticed I had only made it down to the twenty ninth floor. The place where this dance with death...
  • MOI(1): Truth, Set Me Free - *Chapter Two* They were coming, and couldn’t hold on any longer, I was slipping. With one last effort, I was able to swing with enough momentum to clear the beam onto the pallet. There were aches, pain, and a little bit of a scuff to my knee, but it was better than any other alternative....
  • SGG(1): Deadly Sins - *Chapter Twelve* The entranceway of the main lodge had an expansive glass ceiling and west wall, leaving the majority of the arriving guests mesmerized by the grand view of the evening sun just beginning to set. I, on the other hand, was too busy looking at my key card and itinerary, wondering how I’d gotten...
  • RDC(CLG): Redemption - *Volume V* +++ …*What’s wrong with the path you chose?” I asked sincerely, she had to have had an eventful life, she had to have had experienced so many amazing things through the years. “I’d have to start from the beginning, when I was still but a girl, yet becoming a woman. It was before...
  • RDC(CLG): Reparations - *Volume IV* 《 May, 1965 – Hour Unknown 》 Faces continued to change above me, and occasionally I’d feel the pain of entry, luckily most of them must not have been above average. I stopped counting once the the sixth man had crawled atop of me, and I no longer cried, as my body had...
  • RDC(CLG): Treason - *Volume III* 《 May, 1965 – Hour Unknown 》 “Gail..” Was I dead? The voice of God sounded so soothing and familiar, the way it caressed my ears reminded me of love, the strength in the tone gave me hope, my soul could finally embrace the serenity of death. “Gail, please..” Why did God sound...