Macrocosm of the Golden Scrolls


A master blend of dark and erotic themes with phantasmic tales of drama and intrigue. Step into the world and beyond that’s been created by storyteller Golden Scribe as he weaves an emotional roller coaster of Novel’s set in the past, present, and future that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly pee your pants in the process.

Every title in the Macrocosm is twisted and intricately intertwined through time, space, and circumstance. Creating a literary universe whose characters are constantly on the brink of destruction or advancing on the edge of greatness.

Every choice.. Every action.. Every life.. Every Death.. will determine the destiny of them all.


Stories by: Golden Scribe



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  • RDC (R&D): The Long Goodbye - *Chapter Thirty-Five* Early in the morning, my eyes shot open as I was awoken by screaming, it sounded like Granny, I moved to get up only to find the Wolf had one of his muscled arms wrapped around my waist. He moaned my name in his sleep, squeezing me tighter to him, and as much...
  • RDC(R&D): Let Go - *Chapter Thirty-Four*   Continuing down the pebble path that seem to travel so far from the house, I felt inclined to find out where it lead, and considering how old the grounds were, it shouldn’t have been surprising to me to have come upon an old graveyard. The path of pebbles lead down a hill...
  • RDC(R&D): Left behind - *Chapter Thrity-Three* I soaked in the jacuzzi bath for about forty minutes, I was determined to wash away all the dirt, death, and sin from my body. I used damn near half the bottle of some expensive bath tonic and scrubbed myself with vigor, there was a faint aroma of lavender in the air, that...
  • SGG(1): Tears in Heaven - *Chapter Eleven* I woke up to an unfamiliar alarm ringtone, and sitting up as violently as I did, caused a wave of dizziness. I survey the room as sunlight crept through the window, finding the blurry muted tones of my hotel suite surrounding me. Immediately I notice I was naked, the smoothness of the sheets...
  • RDC(R&D): Sanctuary - *Chapter Thirty-Two* I pressed the red button on the shower wall, causing steaming hot water to cascade down onto my body, rinsing my skin of blood, dirt, and decay. I could smell it in my hair, combined with the familiar smoky aroma always present after being so close to fire. I’d been in the bathroom...
  • SGG1: Triumphs and Tribulations - *Chapter Ten* The tension in the conference room was thick and slightly suffocating, I could think of a million other places I’d rather be, but I was here, trying to keep my eyes on my laptop screen, though if looks could kill the floor of the boardroom would be a graveyard. The group was split...
  • RDC(R&D): Save Us From Ourselves - *Chapter Thirty-One* I watched, as Bloodhound thrust his knife into the skull of the last risen in our way, Husk then made an immediate attempt to open the cage door but it wouldn’t budge. He rammed it with his shoulder a few times, before the other mercenary went to assist, but even with the two...