Macrocosm of the Golden Scrolls


A master blend of dark and erotic themes with phantasmic tales of drama and intrigue. Step into the world and beyond that’s been created by storyteller Golden Scribe as he weaves an emotional roller coaster of Novel’s set in the past, present, and future that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly pee your pants in the process.

Every title in the Macrocosm is twisted and intricately intertwined through time, space, and circumstance. Creating a literary universe whose characters are constantly on the brink of destruction or advancing on the edge of greatness.

Every choice.. Every action.. Every life.. Every Death.. will determine the destiny of them all.


Stories by: Golden Scribe



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  • SGG(1): The Fall from Grace - *Chapter Fourteen* A fist to my face, then another kick to my ribs, spinning stars fill my vision as Cedric commenced to beating my ass. The crowd around us were cheering, relishing in the bloodlust Jynx Ellison, our boss, had created. As blood seep into my eye, I wonder what would make a person come...
  • SCS(MD): Titans Among Us - *Chapter Two* With as much force as I could muster, I push him away from me in disbelief of what he’d just said, it sobered me up and brought me roaring back to reality. “What do you mean, back to you AGAIN?” I asked, dreading any answer he would be bound to give. “Sím, again.”...
  • SCS(MD): Rise of a New King - *Chapter One* I sat in the Warden’s new chair, signing the contracts I’d received in a packet from Yurika, among other things that arrived that morning. Most of the paperwork was for clearance and money transfers, as I now provided the majority of funding to Mythos Peak, and being that this was a private institution,...
  • MOI(1): Lost in the Lust - *Chapter Four*   “You didn’t think I was just going to let you get away with double crossing me did you?” I didn’t answer her, figuring silence was best, seeing how I was staring down the barrel of Agent Vance’s gun. Her usually bright clear blue eyes were red and angry, she was sweating, like...
  • SSG(1): God on my Side - *Chapter Thirteen* I stepped through the muck and marshland, wondering why in the hell I decided to add a Hunting experience to the itinerary, It felt so cumbersome and uncomfortable to be in the ‘sportsman’ gear I had acquired for everyone taking part, which wasn’t many. Most were still recovering from last night’s events to...
  • MOI(1): Dangerous Girls - *Chapter Three* The stairs seem to go on forever, it was a dizzying downward spiral that never seem to end, I wiped the mixture of blood, sweat, and tears from my eyes, feeling exhausted as I noticed I had only made it down to the twenty ninth floor. The place where this dance with death...
  • MOI(1): Truth, Set Me Free - *Chapter Two* They were coming, and couldn’t hold on any longer, I was slipping. With one last effort, I was able to swing with enough momentum to clear the beam onto the pallet. There were aches, pain, and a little bit of a scuff to my knee, but it was better than any other alternative....