SCS(CP): The Dark Deep Within


Ramon’s POV

Locked away in the darkness, I sat there on the lumpy single mattress that lay on the cold stone floor. The only thing else in this minuscule cell, was a toilet I couldn’t even flush, in a space no bigger than the smallest closet in my father’s villa.

This was meant to be punishment for me, but little did they know I relished the darkness, it nourished my body like oxygen and water. To me, being in the dark is a natural state of reality. On the inside, people believe we have a soul, a consciousness, a ‘light’. Nothing could be further from the truth, there was no ‘light’ within us..

Almost every organ of our body is cloaked in sweet serene darkness, from the blood to the heart, from the heart on to the brain. In the dark, I felt everything and nothing, all at the same time, but most of all, I felt a comfort here.

Earlier they’d dragged me out and hosed me down, in a cleansing ritual they afforded those housed in the upper floors of this wretched place. Stark cold water, blasted onto us haphazardly, with only five mins to soap up. They fed me, then threw me back in the cage, wearing only the red bottoms of my newly issued prison uniform, everyone housed here wore the color. Suddenly, I hear the deadbolts on the cell door loosen and unlock, it slid open letting in a blinding light that made me wince.

Standing in the doorway, a silhouette of a figure whose identity was hidden by the stark light behind him. The person stood there a moment watching me, then took two steps into the room.

“Cut on the lights!” The figure commanded, his voice as familiar as a sweet song, one I’d probably never forget.

*Meu, amor? It couldn’t be..* I thought, as my dick hardened at the sound of him, but I figured my mind play tricks upon me.

The lights overhead flashed on, leaving me feeling like an old band aid was ripped off my eye lids. After a minute or two, they adjusted to the light, revealing my ears had rang true. I immediately jumped to my feet, towering over him, six foot three to his five foot eleven frame, that was cloaked in a white floor length robe that almost looked too big for him. Those eyes, that looked like precious earthen stones, colored an otherworldly shade of golden jade. His high yellow complexion gave his smooth skin tone the sun kissed look many in the world desired, topped by his facial features which were regal and soft at the same time, a clue into his multi ethnic background. His tight upper body was lean, his lower figure, paved with thick and dangerous curves.

The androgyny of his body, was what got my dick hard as brick. His ass was fat and his thighs were thick, reminding me of the prized stallions his father had gifted to me for my birthday, all those years ago. His hair was smooth, long, and sleek past his shoulders, completing his newly groomed look. Something was different about him thou, I could feel it, it made my dick even harder. I went to take a step towards him, but thought against it when I saw the guard dressed in tactical gear behind him step forward.

“Now, now, are we going to play nice RJ?” He asked of me through a beguiling smile, holding his hand up to pause the guard.

“We can play the game by your rules.” I growled at him, lips tight and my tone dark, I needed to reign myself in.

“Like you had any choice otherwise.” He said indifferently, turning to the guard behind him next. “Leave us and close the door behind you.”

The guard immediately followed instruction, leaving us locked alone in the cell, I raised my eyebrow at such a display of newly gained power and authority, I felt a heat pulse through me, ending in the hardness of my groin. It seems he has thrived in this atmosphere of chaos, blood, and death as I have. The fates were right, the darkness within him would be all consuming, and I wanted it to take all of me. He was the first to breach the the little space left between us, getting right up in my face.

One of the fluorescent bulbs flickered and went out, leaving just one to stand alone above us, and the light within the room considerably dimmer. I could smell the shampoo of his freshly washed hair, the lingering mint of toothpaste on his breath. That’s when I went for it, unable to control the impulse, crushing our lips together and forcing my tongue past his soft lips to taste him. I grabbed him by the waist, and spun him around so his back was against the cold stone wall. My body flushed with roaring hot lust as I ground our hips together, forcing his thighs to spread for me.

He was off the floor at this point, legs wrapped round my hips, the only thing holding him up was my thrusts as I ground my dick into his ass from below. I sucked at the tender skin of his neck, marking the skin with nips of my teeth. Now that I had him here in my hands, I’d claim what is rightfully mine, there was no escaping me now. I ripped the robe open to expose the hidden flesh beneath, in the center of his chest was a burn, no, a brand. It was in the shape of a owl, one I immediately recognized as the owl Minerva, the illuminated one..

He let out a heinous laugh, and when I looked into his eyes, the whites and iris were pitch black. He placed his hand softly to the middle of my chest, and soon as the tips touched my skin, I was thrown back into the wall opposite the room.

*Merda! He’s developed telekinetic abilities? It must be the darkness within bringing out his full potential.. esplendido.* I thought to myself, my dick hard as ever as he approached, dropping his rope to the floor along the way.

“You and the other families believe this vessel to be amenable to your cause, how comical, he hasn’t even cracked the tip of the iceberg of the potential within him and I could squash you like a roach. None of you have any idea of what the first ones from above have gifted him with, nor how the very last of them has cursed his path to the many ends of our collective destiny. This one is fated to bring a terrible darkness to this world, before blessing it with an age of light and wondrous peace.. though I refuse to let that last little tidbit happen.” He said coming to stop in front of me, I stood up to my feet, unafraid of the manifestation of supreme darkness that had taken possession of Minha Rainha.

“Why are you here? What is it you want from me?”

“Sustenance.” He replied, his gaze full of libidinous intent. “The master of this form suppresses his natural instincts, I know he must feed upon the auras of many men to become stronger, yet he denies us. Prime stock is needed and unfortunately for you, you’re the only suitable man available at this moment.”

“Is that so? O que voce quer que eu faca o bebo?” I said, biting my lip and stoking the heaviness of my hard dick, loving where this was going.

“I want you to kneel.”

“What? I kneel for no man! Dar o fora daqui!” This being thought me weak, he’ll learn soon enough, when I repeatedly fucked the fight out of him.

“I said, KNEEL!” He commanded, and it was as if my legs were set aflame, I stood as long I could but soon succumb to the burn, in defeat.

*What the hell is he?* I thought, as he crouched before me and stroked my scowling face.

“Aww, don’t be like that.” He said condescendingly, rubbing my face with a gentle touch. “Tonight is the night, you get what you’ve always wanted, to have taste of the ambrosia this body has to offer..”

He stood, turning his back to me, putting me a breath away from his ample ass. He spread his legs slightly and arched his back as he leaned over, the two golden globes of flesh spread ever so slightly to reveal the treasure between them.

“You can begin.” Was all he said, and I don’t know what came over me.

The slightest nudge of influence from him, pushed me forward slightly, and instinct soon compelled me to feast upon his offering of flesh. Bringing one of my hands down to stroke my dick and the other to spread his ass, I dove for the sweet spot. His hole was tight and I tried to softly work my tongue past the rosebud, it refused to give, but I kept getting it wet. Slowly it spread for me, and I worked my way in deep, his hole tightened and contracted in resistance to my tongue but I kept at it. I leaned back to take a look, a string of saliva stretched from my lips to his hole, it winked at me as it closed back up and I almost nut from the sight before me. I wanted this ass bad, this entity knew that, and now I finally had it..

“Enough.” He commanded, standing up straight slowly with a sensuous grace.

He turned around and his hard dick stood in my face, it was impressive, prior I had thought of him as on equal with woman but I could see now this was a man before me. I had no interest in dick, but vivid images of the burning in my knees and how painful that had been, flashed through my mind.

“Do I have to ask, or can we just get to the fun part?” He asked smiling at me, with a wicked mirth in those opaque eyes.

I learned over and tentatively took a taste of the skin around the head, twirling my tongue on the crown. It didn’t taste anywhere near as bad as I had thought it would, and I took more into my mouth, feeling my inhibitions melt away faster than I would have liked. When I looked up he had a look that resemble stone upon his face, his brows furrowed as he started to force his dick deeper into the back of my throat. I immediately felt bad for all the boys I’d face fucked over the years, he must have read the look in my eyes as he placed both hands on my head and proceeded to fuck my throat unapologetically. He let a laugh escape his throat and he pounding his eight inch dick in and out, choking me to the point I couldn’t take any more, never feeling so small and defeated in my life. I couldn’t deny that I loved every minute if though, I loved watching the darkness take over and consume him, and he was insatiable.

He threw me off him and I gasped for breath, my throat burning, my lungs heaving. Then with a slight flick of his wrist, I was thrown back and stretched out on the bed, my dick hard as a rock and creating a ten inch tent in the pants I wore. With another flick, my pants were snatched off and thrown haphazardly across the room, and my dick slapped my hard abs and bouncing straight back up like a flagpole. He flipped his hair to the side and he made his way over to straddle my face. He sat his hole right on my tongue, I broke through the bud right away this time, because it was still wet and tasty as ever. While my face was deep in his ass, I had to stop, he had deep throated my dick to the base in one gulp.

“Puta merda!” I growled out, overtaken by ecstasy.

I was about to orgasm, but he grabbed my balls and I arched my back in agony as he telekinetically pulled the cum back into my nuts, I never felt a hurt so good and my dick was still on rock. He deep throated my length up and down, impossibly fast, like he was a classically trained sword swallower at the circus. I had never got such good head from any bitch I stuffed my meat into, not even Pandora, who had the skills of a pro. He stood suddenly and I groaned as that ass left my lips, and he gave a chuckle, turning around to squat over me. He lined my dick up with his tight hole, and I could feel the wetness, he looked me dead in the eye as the heavy crown pierced him.

He let out a gasp and a deep groan, sitting there just a moment, his hole feeling like a warm vice made of velvet. Slowly he began to sink down inch by inch, holding me in place, stiff as a board, with his telekinesis. It was then I realized what he was doing to me, the ultimate torture, I tried to get up but to no avail. He sank lower and lower till his ass swallowed my dick to the base, it felt so good with him just sitting there, his ass just contracting on my dick, getting used to the heavy girth and length.

I knew then every sensation I’d ever feel from then on, would be bland and tasteless. No food as delicious, no stroke of touch as satisfying, cursed with an unquenchable thirst for this boys body and what it could do to me. He started slow at first, winding his hips in a circle a bit, but that quickly changed. He had gotten his stride and rode me like a bull at the rodeo, denying me the pleasure of cumming several times over, each orgasm was unbearably pleasurable that was almost painful.

I could do nothing but lay there as he fucked the shit out of me, my toes curling up and my fists were tight. Suddenly, he came, and he didn’t even have to touch himself. He shot so hard some landed on my face, and just when it seemed as if he was finished, he started to ride my still brick dick all over again. It felt as if it was stuck in one of those Chinese finger traps for children, the unbearable suction of his tight wet ass hurt as the grip was lethal. It got to the point my dick started to feel numb and that’s when I felt it, like an explosion, my dick shoot off into him.

I must have shot like fifteen times, coating his warm insides, as he drained every drop from me. I had never felt so tired and exhausted, I felt fully depleted, to the point where I couldn’t even feel my abilities. I couldn’t sense the energy, I felt cut off from it and I felt the cold of the room for the first time. The walls closed in, the air grew thin, the darkness lost it’s comforting touch. He looked at me and just laughed, leaning down on my chest and stroked it, bringing his lips close to my ear.

“It’s a shame the master of this vessel despises you.. he can sense the immeasurable darkness within you, though, so can I for that matter, it’s what is needed for me to flourish and survive within him. I must feed off the darkness of others to make me strong, and it feeds me, same as you. I’m what draws you to him, you can sense me, even feel me, can’t you? That’s why you’re drawn like moth to a flame.” He paused and groaned in pleasure, before he leaned down to suckle my lips, all the while he continued to use his ass to milk all the essence I had left within me. “A shame, he doesn’t know how much he needs me, especially now that he knows he owns the prison. It will take all the strength within us to control all of you monsters in Mythos, but I plan to devour you all, one by one.”

I shuddered uncontrollably, as an ice cold chill came over me, catching hold of my heart, I felt a fear ignite within me. It felt so foreign, and I doubt I had ever really felt the sensation. I noticed a numbing, that started from my dick, and spread out to consume my body.

“Oh I forgot to mention that, Um.. yeah. You see, This is your body reacting to the absence of your feeble abilities. Oh well, it’ll eventually pass so don’t worry, you’ll come to enjoy the darkness again once the side effects fade. Feel proud, you’re a strong one to even still be conscious throughout, let alone after one of my feedings, it is indeed quite impressive. There may still be hope for you yet dark one.”

He hovered his hand over my head, and suddenly, I was knocked unconscious as the familiar darkness took me into its cold depths, yet this time.. I was afraid.


I shot up out the hospital bed and looked around me, the room seemed normal and was empty as always. I reached up and felt my scarf that covered my freshly blown and wrapped hair, I had a stylist brought in to give my hair some much need TLC.

I was already twisting the system to my will, enjoying the luxuries of my newfound authority, I should be feeling bliss. Yet right now, my heart beat as though it would pop out of my chest and my dick was so hard it was almost painful.

What kind of dream did I just have?..

I could recall images of being locked away deep within a cavern, waking when I had finally found my way to the light. I had a slight headache and laid back down in the bed, it was still the middle of the night, I couldn’t call the nurse.

I shut my eyes and meditated about good thoughts, as I dreaded falling back to my awaiting slumber.

Ramon’s eyes shot open, as he was suddenly awaken, the vivid experience he just went though fresh within his mind. His dick was rock hard and his brow was wet with perspiration, his muscles burned like he’d had a serious workout.

He looked around him and found himself alone in his dark cell, with the single dim light and it’s flickering companion overhead. He tried to feel the energies around him and felt only nothingness, so he sat there a moment, lost in thought as his mind raced.

A sudden grin broke out upon his face, as he turned over to return to his sleep..


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